Stargirl 1×07 “Shiv Part One” (Review)

DC Universe

Season 1, Episode 7 “Shiv Part One”

After their first team outing ended up as a bust, Pat has taken the task to get the Justice Society in fighting shape. As they prepare to start learning teamwork, a new advisory emerges. Cindy, Blue Valleys most popular and hated student has taken a seat with the Injustice Society as the new Shiv. 

This episode focuses on why teamwork and working together is important. Most of the characters are shown focusing on their own agenda. When they are supposed to work together, one member would take over and do everything. We see the consequences of trying to do it all by themselves.  

Since this is a part one of two, the next episode will have a unified theme around teamwork. Since the theme in this episode was showing the shortcomings of working solo, the second part will have the positive outcome. 

We get to learn more about Cindy and what role she plays with the Injustice Society. We find out more about her secretive life and how much she knows about the injustice society’s plan. We also get more of an insight to her views of high school life and her living situations. This personal look was great as we figured she had talents she kept hidden. When she picks up the mantle of Shiv we are slightly aware of her potential. We don’t see the full extent of it until she takes on Stargirl. 

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As the first multiple part episode, part one really sets the bar for how important teamwork is going to be. Part 2 is going to focus on building a team mentality and work ethic. The few examples used help solidify the need to work together. We also get a small showing how connections with partners are important. Courtney and Cindy show what being selfish and how becoming self-centered affects the group. 

The episode is a great first-parter, and really shows the theme of teamwork perfectly. The ending works great to continue with part two finishing it off. Since the show isn’t focused on a villain showcase we get both sides growing and evolving. With the introduction of Shiv, it allows the Injustice Society to get a member similar in age with the Justice Society. Part two has a good set-up from this episode and one that I look forward to watching.

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