Stillwater # 1 (REVIEW)

Stillwater # 1
Image Comics

Creator/Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Creator/Artist: Ramon K Perez
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: Rus Wooton

Meeting Daniel in the first pages of Stillwater # 1, I learned alot about his character. Chip Zdarsky has provided us with a realistically relatable individual in Daniel. Witnessing his interaction with his supervisor we can see he isn’t a bad guy. He is apologetic for his actions, even though in this instance apologies won’t be enough. Daniel is impulsive and reactionary. I wish I could “shove” a few co-workers so I could immediately felt a connection to him. He is struggling to make sense of his life, been there…still there. As his friend Tom later admits he is either in his apartment or going out getting drunk and into fights. Fortunately for Daniel a knock at the door introduces a surprise inheritance. This gives him a chance to break away from the disaster his life is at the moment…although by issues end that same life is in jeopardy.

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Stillwater # 1 presents itself as a perfect horror/supernatural comic. The moment Daniel and Tony hit the road all signs immediately point to trouble ahead. I mean the absence of signage for the town is already an indication to not go there. Add in the loss of cell signal and I was immediately hit with the nostalgia of being on a country road and wondering should I turn around. Even when they reach their destination safely the creepy vibe doesn’t quit. There is a mob of cats roaming the streets. Also, the lawyer who sent the letter is no longer around…hasn’t been for some time. The true terror starts to take hold once the duo witness a child fall off a building only to survive unharmed.

Complimenting Zdarsky’s tale are artist and colorist Ramon K Perez and Mike Spicer. These two provide a brilliant panels depicting both the calmness and creepiness of Stillwater and the people who live there. Stillwater # 1 introduces us to a town where nothing changes. Unfortunately for Daniel and Tony, the townsfolk are willing to do anything to ensure this.

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Score: 8.8


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