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Nov 29, 2022


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Plush Cvr Jorge Corona

December is definitely the time of year when some people let loose. No doubt a few individuals are loosening their belt buckles; a bit of overindulgence during the holiday meal. Instead of buyer beware, merchants are shouting buyers be here, offering killer deals. Image Comics has a sultry serving, something so sinfully Plush. Care to take a bite?

Plush # 1

Image Comics

Writer: Doug Wagner
Artist: Daniel Hillyard
Colorist: Rico Renzi
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Plush #1 opens with the main character Devin down and running on empty. It seems his (ex?) fiance has been feeding her own obsessions; a costly habit. Especially since now she’ll be eating for two. Despite this it seems Devin is actually contemplating going along with a lush lie. Doug Wagner’s main character could stand to let Walter choose a playlist. Instead it’s Devin’s friend Levi that begins the series descent into decadent debauchery. What are friends for if not to offer you a chance to see the softer side of things?

Plush (int.)

It doesn’t matter if you’re basing it solely on opinion or past experience(s), the size of the event Devin walks into after downing a shot with Levi is grandiose. Daniel Hillyard provides so many mischievous mascots on the page that a few other mammals manage to slip into the party. Levi led Devin to believe this event was by costume only.

Plush takes its name from a specific- and some may say peculiar – type of ‘adult’ dress up. However in the vast world of cosplay and LARP, where’s the outlier. Honestly, if it’s the amount of skin that justify a questionable glance, the furries – by definition – do themselves a favor. But, the double takes may be due to the fact they aren’t often observed in the wild. Before the end of this first issue Devin will have seen a lot. And still so much to learn. Devin has taken on more than he can chew in several areas of his life.

Joining Image’s two returning material men, colorist Rico Renzi has a few panels to lavish readers with somethings that are a bit hard to swallow; and harder to stomach. Fans of this team’s previous works will find even this issue’s morsel of what’s to come satisfyingly succulent. Appetizers first.

Devin has some hard life choices to make. After the party in Plush #1, he has had a look at things money can’t buy. He already knows love is on the list, but surprisingly discovers some LEOs have a price. This leads up to a course that threatens a future he can’t afford to risk. It is a dog eat dog world out there.

So, is your mouthwatering or are you hemorrhaging?

Score: 8.7

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