Super Teen Angst – “Superman” #10 (Review)


Superman #10
DC Comics

Written by: Peter J Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Art by: Patrick Gleason

Even though I have never really been a Superman fan before Rebirth, I have absolutely been loving this Superman run. The father-son dynamic of the story is what has really got me hooked and it continues to impress me. This issue is the start of a new story arc “In The Name of the Father” with Part 1 “Worlds Smallest.”

Right away, we can see that this is going to be a Superboy story and I have no problem with that. Gleason has really built this character to feel real and not just some annoying little kid we are forced to follow. We are also introduced to new characters in the Superman title thus far: Nobody and Goliath who are working with Damian to bring Superboy back to Gotham.

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-7-47-29-amAlso, this issue is really great in showing that Superman is truly your friend until you mess with his family, then he will throw down his wrath on you. Honestly, while I was reading this, I would have loved for this to be the basis for a Batman vs Superman series. Heck, I even would have loved it if it were the premise to the Batman V. Superman film. But that anger doesn’t last long. Superman and Batman’s friendship is on full point here and I love it. Damian and Jon’s relationship still needs work; they are not clicking at all since Damian is a real brat and Jon is really a good kid.

Gleason’s art is gorgeous and as you continue through Superman #10, it just gets better. The full 1 and 2 page splash pages are so beautiful. Even the last page looks like it could be it’s own cover, which I kind of wish it was. His art also doesn’t rely on these splashes as he uses them sparingly. However, when he does use them, they’re used to their full extent and not just a waste of a page or just for glory shots. The rest of the art is bright and colorful and never really dips down in quality.

The biggest thing this run has going for it is the character interactions and relationships. With this issue, it’s center point. There’s a couple action scenes that are fun and I’m glad they’re present but that really isn’t what this title is here for right now. Gleason is really focusing on character relationships and he continues to nail it. Now that we have Batman and Robin in the mix, and it actually works, I’m even more excited in continuing this run.

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