Supergirl #13 Review

Sep 12, 2017

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Supergirl #13
DC Comics

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Robson Rocha
Inks by: Daniel Henriques
Colors by: Michael Atiyeh
Letters by: Steve Wands

“The Girl Of No Tomorrow: Part Three”

When I first started reading Supergirl Rebirth, I was incredibly excited for a new volume. It’s quickly become my favorite Rebirth series. Older characters from previous volumes and years are in it, as well as newer characters, both from the comics as well as the CW show.

Issue #13 is the third installment of “The Girl Of No Tomorrow” arc, where we were introduced to The New Fatal Five; Selena, Solomon Grundy, Emerald Empress, Magog, and Indigo.

In issue Supergirl #12 we saw “Cat Grant” shoot Kara off her balcony. But because of that, Supergirl’s powers were magnified. Her powers were stronger and more powerful than before. She had to be careful, especially since she fell through the floor at her high school. We saw Selena speaking to Cat Grant, and of course, I always love Cat’s quips and one-liners. It’s always great to see Kara speaking with her dad. It shows us the emotions she’s been bottling in for so long. And finally we saw Grundy turn into a giant, and we left off with him causing havoc in downtown National City.

The Annual, was part 2 of the series. It turns out Selena impersonated Cat Grant, so she was the one to shoot Supergirl off the balcony. The Empress is at the DEO messing with Director Chase, while Indigo and Grundy are with Supergirl, but not before Grundy The Giant has captured them both in his hands.Selena has taken over the CatCo media feed and broadcasted it to everyone, showing them footage in English of Kara visiting her father, and the citizens of National City were definitely not happy, turning on her as part of the Fatal Five’s plan. Finally, Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers make an appearance and they are going to help Kara.

When I ended on that issue, I actually had a huge grin on my face. This is exactly what Supergirl is about and embodies. She’s a symbol of hope, and her city loves her. Even after everything is done and finished, they will have faith in her again.

As I started reading Supergirl #13, the third installment of “The Girl Of No Tomorrow,” we see the citizens bringing up Kara’s father, saying horrible things about him; the Cyborg Superman.

Sometimes when bad things happen, even in fiction, it outweighs the good. But again, we have Supergirl not giving up. She wants to protect her city. They mean everything to her, just as much as her friends and family.

Supergirl and Indigo start fighting in the streets, and the citizens are on her side again. I think all of them, deep down, know that Supergirl will always be their protector. Even if she gets hit with some weird or new kryptonite, or is under a spell. She will always come back and save her people.

Supergirl’s father shows up and ends the fight.  This is what always gets to me. Kara tries to always do the right thing. She had a good sense of character and judgment, and even though Indigo was part of the villain team, she was upset when her father killed her. We go to the next panel, where Kara is talking about how she has chosen Earth. Krypton is no longer, and the people here are her own citizens. But sometimes it gets tough for her. As it would anyone, human or alien.

Eliza and Jeremiah have given up their jobs and now are working in the regular working industry. To protect Kara. Kara may have lost her entire planet, and the people on it, but Earth is her home now. She loves the people in her life, and she will never stop trying to do the right thing. That is the sole reason I love Supergirl. She could be hurting, in any sort of way, but her first priority is to make sure someone else is safe.

The DEO is now in control by Director Bones. Uh oh. His plan did not work, and that leaves Supergirl in a very vulnerable position. The issue ends with Supergirl’s father talking to Mr. Oz. He is trying to kill Zor-El.

[not the end.]

The art has been one of my favorite things in this new Rebirth. The details and the vibrant colors. It all connects to the story and makes it so much more engaging. I never want to put the comic down until I’ve read it at least 2 or 3 more times. This issue had me on my seat, and by the time it was over, I was thinking “Can I have #14 now, please?” I am excited for the story to continue. And how Kara Danvers balances high school life, Catco life, and Supergirl life. Will she have to sacrifice even more?

Be sure to pick up Supergirl #13.