Superhero Spotlight: Rocket Raccoon

Jun 5, 2014

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Rocket_Raccoon movieName: Rocket Raccoon

Height: 4’0”

Weight: 55lbs

Description: Resembles furry woodland creature of Earth know as a Raccoon. Creature is covered in Black, Brown and White fur and has been genetically modified and enhanced by cybernetics. WARNING! Rocket is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and ALWAYS ARMED! PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION!rocket raccoon 4

Occupation: Former Mail Clerk, security guard, law enforcement officer, member of The Guardians of the Galaxy

Known Residence: Halfworld (creature’s home world located in Keystone Quadrant), Knowhere (Occasional base of operations for the Guardians of the Galaxy), Hala (Kree home world).

Powers and Abilities: Rocket has the attributes of a normal Earth Raccoon including enhanced speed, sight, hearing, and smell. He is also an expert military tactician akin to Earth’s Captain America or even the Mighty Thanos. Also an accomplished starship pilot and marksmen; Rocket is always armed and has an affinity for very large, very destructive weapons. Rocket will also act as leader of The Guardians of the Galaxy when Star-Lord is otherwise occupied.

rocket-raccoon scottie  youngHistory: Rocket Raccoon was created by a race of sentient robots in order to protect a segregated planet known as Halfworld. Using the Galacian Wall the planet was intentionally cut off from the rest of the universe and was home to only the mentally insane and the anthropomorphic animals charged to protect and serve them. Acting as the planet’s law enforcement officer, Rocket captained his own ship dubbed The Rack’n’Ruin. With his first mate Wal Russ (a genetically enhanced walrus), Rocket protected Halfworld from the likes of Lord Dyvyne and Judson Jakes eventually “killing” the villains and curing the residence of Halfworld of their mental illnesses.

After Rocket seemingly saved Halfworld, the newly cured humanoids in an effort to rebuild their society offered the robots and the animals positions as assistance and entertainers. The former protectors rejected this offer and instead boarded a ship and started to explore the universe. On one of his many adventures Rocket, by all accounts was captured and experimented on by a cosmic entity and scientist known as “The Stranger” on his home planet known as Labworld.

The next record of our furry hero making an appearance in the galaxy is during the Phalanx conquest. Rocket was selected to be a member of a secret team designated with stopping the Phalanx infiltration of the Kree home world Hala. After stopping the invading Phalanx and once again saving the universe at behest of his now friend Peter Quill (Star-Lord), Rocket joins The Guardians of the Galaxy.rocket movie

It is here that he meets the living tree, protector of all life, resident of Planet X; Groot. As members of the Guardians, Rocket and Groot become inseparable friends. These two creatures seemingly love and care for each other as much as best friends should. Rocket and Groot have not only saved each other but have saved countless lives across the universe many times over.

Currently Rocket is still with the Star-Lord leading the Guardians of the Galaxy. He has helped them save our universe from a virus-like robot species, warring galactic kings, the intergalactic religious group known as the Universal Church of Truth and even the galaxies most formidable villain, Thanos. Recently Rocket and the Guardians saved the earth from an impending Badoon invasion and saved the X-man known as Jean Grey from an unjust trial by the Shi’ar Empire. Rocket maybe cute, cuddly and have a mouth like a sailor but he is also a fearless warrior with a heart of gold.

rocket-raccoon shoots“I maybe a small, furry animal with a human heart. And my friend maybe made of wood… and we maybe not Annihilator-class supertypes… But we’ve got Star-Lord’s legacy to live up to Lylla, the legacy of The Guardians of the Galaxy!” -Rocket Raccoon


Where to find Rocket Raccoon!

First Appearance: Marvel Preview #7, created by: Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffin.

Recommended Comics: Rocket Raccoon: Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant, Rocket Raccoon and Groot: The Complete Collection, Annihilation Conquest, Guardians of the Galaxy: Legacy, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Avengers Vol. 1

Other Media: Marvel Heroes (PC game), Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (video game), Lego Marvel Superheroes (video game), Avengers: Earth’s Mightest Heroes (TV series), Ultimate Spider-Man (TV series), Avengers Assemble (TV series), Guardians of the Galaxy (Feature Film).