SuperHeroStuff’s “Batman V Superman” Hero Box has landed!

Apr 5, 2016


For those unaware, Super Hero Stuff is an online shop, which sells exactly what the name entails, Super Hero Gear. From The Flash Socks to your favorite DC and Marvel 39-thirty baseball caps, Super Hero Stuff has it all. The list of characters not only range from your classic superheroes, such as Batman, Spider-Man, and Green Lantern but items from the Doctor Who and Game of Thrones series are also featured on their site.

SuperHero Stuff also offers their very own themed surprise box, (no subscription necessary), where you get to choose the theme between multiple super heroes each month. This month, in celebration of Batman V Superman hitting theaters, our friends at SHS sent us an EPIC BvS Hero Box.

20160319_011729 - RESIZE Batman V Superman Hero Box included:

  • Batman V Superman Keychain
  • Superman Lanyard
  • Batman V Superman light up pen
  • Batman Socks
  • Superman socks
  • Batman V Superman mug
  • Batman V Superman shirt
  • Batman V Superman auto decal
  • Batman V Superman Wallet
  • Armored Batman Dorbz
  • Batman V Superman Magnet
  • Batman V Superman Pin
  • Superman Comic


Right off the bat, this box is epic. There are items of all sorts to fit your needs.

The design on the shirt is beautiful and depicts DC’s finest duking it out. Attention buyers, You may not necessarily receive the same shirt as this but it will definitely one relating to the theme. The shirt is all black and fits comfortably.

Included was also an Armored Batman Dorbz figure. These Dorbz characters signature look depicts the character happily smiling, which I found ironic in this case as Batman never smiles. Well, I guess if you count that brief second during his battle with Supes in BvS. I love these Funko Dorbz figures. The quality, weight and paint is always impressive.

The mug included was surprisingly heavy and features the Batman V Superman logo on the mug. This is perfect, as I am an avid coffee drinker. Hey, even superheroes need coffee to get their day started (Unless you are Batman, apparently.)

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There were two pairs of socks included in the box. One featured classic grey and blue batman in-action and the other featured Superman’s logo on the pair. The pair are extremely comfortable and are a nice addition to my unique sock collection. Choose a side or mix and match.

The Batman V Superman Auto Decal included was a nice touch. I’m actually a big fan of the new BvS Batman logo, I think I’ll have to put on my car.

The wallet, made by Buckle-Down, has Batman’s face with Superman’s emblem on one site, and the other side has Superman’s face with Batman’s symbol on the other. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wallet.

The magnet included is of superman’s face with the Batman symbol over the eyes. Their online store also has the Batman variant of this magnet as well.


I did love the Superman lanyard. Ironically the currently lanyard on my set of keys is a Batman one where the logos are actually worn out. I think this is a sign.

Batman V Superman Keychain is pretty sturdy. It’s actually one of my favorite items in the box. I’ve already added it to my set of keys. It’s not too bulky, or heavy. It’s a very sleek design.

The comic included was of Superman #54, from 1987. The comic itself is packaged and in great condition. In this issue, If you couldn’t tell by the cover, Superman finds himself in Poland in June of 1943 where he is up against Nazis. Story and Ink is from Karl Kesel and the colors are done by Glenn Whitmore. From my understanding, the comic you receive in your Hero Box may vary.

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I’ve seen a few different variations of the items included, for example: instead of a Superman lanyard, buyers may receive a Batman lanyard. Aagain, I have also seen different Superman/Batman themed comics in this themed box. If you purchased this box, I would love to see hear which comic you received in the comments below.

The pen included actually flashes a light when the button is pressed. At the end of the light depicts The Dark Knight facing the Man of Steel.

If at any point you were wondering, “Where is Wonder Woman?” No worries, she has her own box dedicated to her as well.

I should also mention that each of these items can be purchased on their store at

Super Hero Stuff’s Hero Box is the largest subscription box to contain awesome geek items to-date. The great thing about these boxes, is that you have large selection of Super Heroes to choose from every month, you are not assigned a theme. Once you have chosen, prepare for an epic early Birthday/Easter/Christmas surprise containing several items based on the character you’ve chosen. Currently there is a limited edition Captain America: Civil War and Daredevil Hero Box available so I would act fast!

Therer are two different edition boxes you can order:

Gold Edition: $69 for $100+ worth of goodies
Silver Edition: $49 for $70+ worth of goodies

Order your Hero Box today!

Every Box includes: A Hero T-Shirt, accessories, apparel, buttons, official licensed superhero gear, & mystery fun!

What did you think of this month’s Hero Box? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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