Superman And Lois Episode Titles Revealed

Nov 24, 2020

Little is known about the upcoming CW man show headed to The CW, but GWW has now learned the titles for the first 5 episodes of ‘Superman & Lois.’ Check out the titles below with some added speculation of what each title could possibly mean.

Episode 1: Pilot

Obviously, this would be the introduction to the series, such as characters and story. Plus a tease of what’s to come.

Episode 2: Heritage

I believe ‘Heritage’ could be an episode about Clark teaching his sons about Krypton and where he/they come from

Episode 3: The Perks of Not being a Wallflower

‘The Perks of Not being a Wallflower’ could be an episode focused on Jordan and Jon’s high school life and their potential Kryptonian powers.

Episode 4: Haywire

‘Haywire’ perhaps could feature the ‘Superman: The Animated series’ villain Livewire. Or even the little known DC hero Haywire who has a sticking resemblance to Doom Guy

Episode 5: The Beacon

And finally “The Beacon” sounds like it will involve Superman finding a signal, possibly one that leads him to some familiar friends.

‘Superman & Lois’ stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tullock as Superman and Lois Lane. Coming soon to TheCW Network.


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