Surprised: Acer Porsche Design RS – 8GB of RAM is not slow!

Mar 15, 2021

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So this little guy is Acer’s Porsche Design RS. It’s new for 2021. It’s a thin and light Ultrabook that has a pretty big price tag for what you’re getting. But if you’re into Portia, I think you’ll be into this now. I’m not too much of a car guy, but I know that Porsche, of course, is a luxury brand. Lot of people love Porsches. 

Porsche said there’s Porsche design for a lot of different things and they have not. 

They’re not new to the laptop space, but this particular model is, I think, the first one that really has my consideration. 

I won this in a competition, so I can’t say that I put my own money into it. 

It’s definitely not sponsored review. 

I won it. 

I’ve been using it. 

I’m surprised by it. 

And I figured it was worth telling you guys about, so I’m going to walk you through it and then I’ll do a full review later. 

So let me know in the comments to this video what you want me to cover in the review video and I’ll make sure to give ample time so I can digest. 

His comments, so first of all, the thing that impressed me the most is just the overall feel. This thing is light. It’s definitely under £3.00. I haven’t weighed it yet, but that is surprising to me ’cause I just came off of the razor book and the razor book. Really disappointed me at the end and there’s a whole video on that on my channel so this is less expensive than that razor book. This is $1400 but. 

What you get is surprising. It’s only an I 511 thirty five G7. It’s only 8 gigs of Ram and that is not upgradeable. I’ll crack it open to double check that, but from the things that I’ve looked up, not upgradable on the RAM, and that is. That’s really unfortu. 

It’s also whisper quiet. The fans only ramp up from a cold boot and I didn’t run into the fans screaming unless I was playing a game. I did test out Val. Hi Mom list behind rocks and I got about 25 to 30 frames per second on the Intel XE GPU that’s on the sock. But you know, 1080P low settings. It’s not ideal for gaming, especially if you’re used to gaming. 

On your desktop or something. 

So the other thing that surprised me is the keyboard. 

This keyboard feels super super good again coming off that Razer Book, I was making typos left and right now the keyboard on the Razer Book is gorgeous with the backlighting individually lit. 

It’s awesome but the backlighting on this not so good. 

But the actual use the keyboard the typing experience. 

Is a League above the Razer Book, which is super surprising ’cause even the keyboards on the Razer Blade. 

And the stealth they’re better than what’s on the Razer Books. 

I know what’s going on there, but that’s a video for another time. 

So yeah, the keyboard making very few mistakes overall feels great. 

Even the trackpad feels pretty good. 

There is a fingerprint reader on the trackpad, so if you’re if that bothers you like you use a lot of real estate, you might adjust your sensitivity or your practice. 

Certainly I think most people use a mouse when they’re doing most of their computing, but if you’re thinking about using this in a confined space where you don’t have a mouse and you do that often, then the fingerprint reader will probably end up being in your way. 

Another cool thing is the IO on this. So if you go out and spend $2000 on an Ultrabook, you know Dell XPS 13, you’re going to get just Thunderbolt ports. This has Thunderbolt but also has two USB ports in a full size HDMI out. Of course you get a headphone Jack’s that hasn’t left. You know, the Ultrabase electric book space quite yet, so that’s. 

Still kind of a plus. 

That’s pretty cool. 

Alright 1080P display it is a glass finish. It’s anti reflective but there are still some reflections I found to be pretty good. Although this display doesn’t get very bright so that is disappointing and I’ll have all the details of that in that full review when I get to it. So for now just note that there is this odd laptop circulating EU tubes out there and it is this Porsche design. 

It’s worth talking about, so $400 doesn’t get you a whole lot in terms of specs, but the performance is shocking the crap out of me. I have to run some benchmarks to give you something quantitative soon. So for now leave me some comments. Let me know what you want me to cover and we’ll do that for review soon. Cheers. 



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