Jul 27, 2021


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Cover of Sweet Paprika by Writer and Artist Mirka Andolfo

Sweet Paprika # 1

Image Comics

Writer and Artist: Mirka Andolfo
Colorist: Simon Tessuto
Letterer: Fabio Amelia

Sugar and spice and everything nice. If you listen to the children’s poem, those are the ingredients that make up a little girl. After reading Image Comics‘ and Mirka Andolfo’s new comic, I now know how to make a hell of a successful business woman. All it takes is one simple ingredient. Sweet Paprika.

The title of Image’s new series might sound like a bit of a contradiction and that’s about the only ‘d’ in her life. But I’m getting ahead of myself…which by the way she isn’t getting either. Besides who has time for getting down when you are focused on moving up in the publishing world. Paprika, as she describes herself, is the most famous and efficient Chief Creative Officer of Infernum Press. And you don’t get to the top by being serve-“us” or even serve them oriented. For Paprika, it’s all about having people serve her.

This spicy series is a scoop of Sex in the City with a dash of Supernatural.

But appearances are deceiving, and career advancement isn’t the only thing this she-devil desires. Remember the ‘d’ in Paprika’s life well that would be capital D as in Dill the delivery angel, who is also quite the contradiction. Dill is an angel with dirty wings, a dirty mind and most definitely dirty bedsheets.

Mirko Andolfo’s and Simon Tessuto’s make sure each page is exploding with hilariously haughty hijinks. Neither portion of this creative team miss a chance to remind readers that the nether regions aren’t far from the mind of this netherworld businesswoman. So what is it that keeps this succubus from being more social? What could be preventing Paprika from getting some satisfaction? We all have issues, she has them too.

Score: 9.5


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