Sep 2, 2021


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Sweet Paprika # 2 Cover

Sweet Paprika # 2 : With Your Head Held High!

Sampling this second issue of Sweet Paprika is similar to any excellent dish. There are hints and nods of the first flavors you enjoyed but, you also notice new sensations that catch you off guard. There are a lot of new storylines introduced which certainly leave me wondering what the next mouthful will provide.

Image Comics

Writer & Artist: Mirka Andolfo
Colorist: Simon Tessuto
Letterer: Fabio Amelia

We start this issue in the mailroom of Heavenly Express. A swing and unfortunate miss takes places as a Pickle, a demon who works there, loses his score to his son Dill. Having a demon with an angel as a stepson proves just how hilariously outrageous the tone of this comic is. The outlandishness doesn’t end there though since when a demon and angel clash it’s normally over a soul. But in this comic the prize at stake is as it’s later stated “somewhere more specific”

As for Paprika things aren’t good in her world. After last issue’s ending we discover the phone call didn’t end in total tragedy. Given how her father treats and makes her feel I can’t say that is a good thing for her self esteem. After witnessing the confident business woman last issue, I notice now there are many layers to this dish named Paprika. This issue goes a long way to exploring them and giving readers a little sympathy for this little devil.

Writer Mirka Andolfo does an amazing job of portraying an eccentric cast of characters who live in this universe. Despite the normal differences in ideology, in this comic angels and demons seem to cohabitate, not to mention fornicate. This makes for some very amusing interactions to read. Coupled with the amazing artwork Andolfo and Tessuto serve up and each page is literally jaw dropping. You can see it in the tense boardroom scene with His Great Darkness when we notice how Paprika struggles with her insecurity and panic. Later in the bathroom hookup between Dill and uhmmm I’m just gonna call her Dirty Angel (cuz yeah) there is sweat, blushed cheeks and more to really let you know just how much fun the two are having.

This issue of Sweet Paprika does so many things new and refreshing. It is invigorating to see such an ensemble cavort so casually. However you start to feel the effects of what you’re consuming. There are several emotions at play behind the playful tones in this book. I for one hope Paprika can break out of her rut. For now she seems to be less likely to end up on her back with as much as she has on her plate.

Score: 9.5


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