Tactical Tuesday feat. Rainbow 6 Siege White Noise (PC) / review

Dec 6, 2017



Rainbow 6 Siege recently celebrated its 2nd year anniversary and the fact that it is still going strong and getting stronger. That is highlighted nowhere more than in the release of their latest and last DLC content for year two, White Noise. This new content introduces a new map, three new operators and a host of tweaks, improvements, and game balancing. The meat of the update are the new operators, two hail from South Korea and the other is the 2nd half of the Poland special unit. With each new operator added to the game adjustments to play style and strategy have to be made. The Poland operator Zofia brings a dual use grenade launcher to the party that can be used to breach rooms and blind defenders as well as a selection of weapons that are sure to put a dent in the plans of her adversaries. The South Korea defender Vigil can make him self invisible to those pesky drones that are unleashed on recon and sports a new double barrel shotgun that brings range and pain. Vigil is idea for roaming and catching unsuspecting attackers off guard. The Final new operator is Dokkaebi, she is the most intriguing and probably the toughest to master, she employs the use of phone hacks. These hacks allow her to set off the defenders phones giving away their location and if she picks up the phone of a fallen defender she can hack their phone and see through the defenders cameras. This turns one of the defenders best assets against them and will surely be very frustrating for Valkyrie users like myself. She can sport a DMR or the Bogs shotgun that Vigil has access to, her talents are sure to cause chaos and frustration among her targets.

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The new map is a skyscraper that plays like a roamers paradise with so many stair cases with tight angles and hatches galore ready to be blown. Communication and team work will be key on this map, with its huge size running off Rambo style will likely get them killed and leave their team in a jam. The team at Ubisoft does it again reinvigorating and re-energizing Rainbow 6 Siege with options that force you to rethink strategies, load outs, and team composition in a effort to achieve tactical execution at the highest levels. White Noise, the last DLC for year 2 gets a well deserved 9.3 grade.

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