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Comics Podcast: Episode 46 | Guest: Vert Vixen

This week the Geeks With Wives & Capes we welcome esteemed Cosplay and visual artist Alicia Bellamy (Vert Vixen)(@vertvixen). She explains her love for Cosplay from beginning to end and where she would like to take her art next. Alicia also gives us a sneak peek at what she will be doing for Geeks With Wives in Vlogs and features.

Comics discusses this week: Eye of Newt #1 (Dark Horse), Walking Dead #128 (Skybound), Batman Beyond (DC), Agents of Loki #5 (Marvel), Uncanny X-Men #1 (Marvel), Figment (Marvel), Armour Wars (Valiant).

Movies/TV: Birdman Trailer Discussion, Powers comes to PlayStation. Chad introduces our new Podcast starting 7/2 Geeks With Wives & Popcorn.

Shout out to: Sam Gras @cosplaydadSAM support his daughters LEGO addition.

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