The Technodrome fires in “TMNT #43” REVIEW

Feb 24, 2015


TMNT-43_Cover-A_richTMNT #43

Story By: Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow & Tom Waltz
Script: Tom Waltz
Art: Cory Smith
Colors: Ronda Pattison

Attack on the technodrome part three. This is it, blood and sweat is being shed in a fight where each party has a different agenda; to destroy, to run it themselves and to defeat Krang. This issue contains a lot of actions on a lot of fronts. Each fight scene has great action with some good back and forth between the parties interested, including ninjas (Foot Clan and Turtles), mutanimals and the aliens/dimension x fighters. There is no great conspiracy or large reveal to the story in this issue. This is about all the training and practice that everyone has put into achieving the goal they’re fighting towards.

4411739-tmnt2The art hasn’t changed throughout this arc or for most of the ongoing series. It has brought a small sense of realism to a comic about ninja turtles and skateboarding geckos. The fights have some key panels that really look amazing and capture the moment perfectly. The one thing that always brings me back to the turtles’ ongoing series is the relationships and riffs that carry the story. Luckily for fans of the mutanimals, they have their own series starting this week too (Check out my review of that here)!

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With all the fighting going on, I kept hoping and expecting things to go ultimately well for the turtles. Though this time things have wandered into unknown terrain for them, as everything they had planned goes horribly wrong. They are not the only ones who are experiencing less than desired results as Krang and Shredder are in an intense fight to end it all. The only group that sees some form of success are the mutanimals with Splinter aiding in their raid to steal back all the mutagen so there will be no more experiments. The end of this issues leaves us with the technodrome activating and sending a terraforming beam into the skies, which is a metaphor for how well the fight is going for everyone but Krang.

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