Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Universe #13 Review

Aug 9, 2017

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Universe #13
IDW Publishing

Written By: Erik Burnham & Sophie Campbell
Art By: Sophie Campbell

We start exactly where we left off in issue #12, with Karai about to kill Natsu. But Hayashi Toru, Natsu’s grandfather, has peaked Karai’s interest. He wants Karai to find an ancient relic of the Foot Clan, a sword that is said to harbor extreme power.

Now Hayashi isn’t a man who believes in ancient powers and mystical things, but his foes are.

Karai takes a few days to think about retrieving the ancient artifact and decides that she is curious and she will seek out the sword. She decides to take Koya and Bludgeon along on the trip. While searching for the relic Karai takes time to meditate so that she can re-focus on the location of the sword. While doing so she is visited by a ghost dragon. Is he friend or foe? Will he help the trio find the sword?

Karai is a very strong character, and it is great to see her fleshed out more in this issue. Campbell’s art really lends itself to the mystical nature of this issue. There is a ton of character building with just a little bit of action. I’ve really enjoyed this arch on TMNT Universe, and can’t wait to read more of it!

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