Tentacle Gods are real in “Rat Queens #10” – REVIEW

Apr 8, 2015


rat queens page4Rat Queens #10

Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art/Colors: Stjepan Sejic

The final “encounter” to this comic book’s main plot line is here. Divine-tentacle-gargantuan beasts have destroyed their main city and everyone with it (except Gary, damn it Gary!). Everything hinges on the Rat Queens and their woman bad assery. The stakes are at an all-time high in this issue, as Wiebe writes a script that digs into the past, to show us what everyone has hopes for in the future. I feel as though everyone might have their own favorite heroin within the Rat Queens giving you a reason to cheer each person on during their moments to shine. This comic feels like the best parts of a good RPG (pen & paper or video game) from the epic big bad bosses down to the banter and graphic language that you know every hero would actually be saying if the world is going to hell.

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rat queens page3I have loved the art of Sejic so much throughout past two issues that he has taken over. Fantasy realms are full of dangers and adventure and I feel that the artist’s work portrays this mood excellently. It is a dark, gritty, dirty and chaos filled world where the weather often is a sign of the seriousness of the events going on. The surprise piece of Sejic’s art that I find myself focusing on is the hair. Whether it is strategically covering body parts or in a rats nest (pun intended) to further the theme of all or nothing conditions. There is real thought put into every aspect of the character models and environment.

rat queens pageThrough the final fight for the city, the Rat Queens were aided by other adventuring bands that through the first ten issues of this series, were the direct competition to the Queens. I loved the work that Wiebe has put into developing this world and series of events that was all paid off in the end, starting with the intra-adventuring band diplomatic that made this feel so worth staying current with each issue. With the end of this storyline coming to bloody finale, there are no real loose ends to tie up; Violet seeks comfort, Hannah gives up her tough emotional shield and Gary is greeted as person (which if you haven’t kept up with each issue, Gary is the running punch line for everyone to hate on). Of course everything can’t be wrapped up too nicely or else we won’t have an issue 11 or so on. From the small glimpses into the characters’ pasts, the ominous notion of one of their fathers being the focus of the next plot line is very interesting to me. Character background and exploration is my favorite type of story to read/write/enjoy.

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