Terror Rises in “Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2” (Review)

Dec 23, 2015

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55-30016-dkiii-issue-2-cover-1447845015-de178Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2
DC Comics

Written by: Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello
Art by: Andy Kubert
Ink by: Klaus Janson
Color by: Brad Anderson

I think its safe to say that when The Dark Knight III was announced we were all cautiously optimistic. That that book 2 has arrived I think we can all start dispel the caution. Issue 2 moves slowly and methodically to its grand reveal. Carrie Kelley posing as Batman, has been captured by the GCPD, and claims Bruce Wayne is dead. What follows is a tale of Bruce Wayne’s fall from grace and a piece of a much larger plan. Simultaneously we witness Ray Palmer unleash a new evil upon this world that is both terrifying and seemingly unstoppable. Its an issue that really pushes our story forward while giving us some interesting and genuinely shocking moments.  55-30017-dkiii-issue-2-page-4-1447845054-700c5

Miller and Azzarello are creating an extremely intriguing story in The Master Race, in that I am already asking myself “how is Batman going to fix this?” We are only two issues in and we have been given multiple twists and turns, each offering satisfying and consequential reveals. With each passing page I feel my initials concerns with this comic wash away from me and I become once again enthralled in the Dark Knight’s tale. Miller and Azzarello’s balance of exposition, action and mystery come together perfectly in The Dark Knight III #2, making it insanely readable and fun.

The Dark Knight III #2 has not only a great script but an amazing array of pencils and colors from Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson, and Brad Anderson. While the art mirrors what came before it in the original Dark Knight series Andy Kubert and team are still making their mark know. This is especially true as we come face to face with the Batmobile as it looks both familiar and new. I also really appreciated their use of layouts to evoke emotion. There is one particular scene as Ray Palmer “frees” Kandor and we see his emotions change as the Kandorians arrive. Its an shocking moment that is elevated by the art and layout.

Between the writing from Miller and Azzarello and the perfect strokes of Kubert, Janson, and Anderson The Dark Knight III is really shaping up to be a Batman book for the ages. We are getting a dark and down right dirty version of the Dark Knight as it crawls back from the ash towards potential greatness. The mystery and intrigue bring something new to each issue and engage the reader beyond the hopeful appearance of the Caped Crusader. If this book continues on this path and builds the story slowly, but surely, there is no reason you shouldn’t be all on board and anxiously anticipating each issues arrival.