That Masks We Wear | “Green Arrow” #1 (Review)

Jun 15, 2016


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Green Arrow:  Rebirth #1
DC Comics

Written By: Benjamin Percy
Art By: Otto Schmidt

Green Arrow #1 picks up right where Rebirth left off, with Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow seeking out the scum in Seattle that are taking the homeless and disenfranchised and selling them on a black market. Starting with great action, this issue is quick to read, and a joy to look at.

As a fan of the CW show, Arrow, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but can report that after reading both Rebirth and #1, Green Arrow is making its way on to my pull list for a number a reasons.  First and Green Arrow #1_Page_18foremost, the art has a classic feel to it, but manages to keep the modern setting relevant and uses color to set theme extremely well. The mood of the scene is masterfully set with the color of the background on the pages, getting darker during fights, and glowing when showing off just how much Queen Industries is doing for the city of Seattle.

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Benjamin Percy doesn’t hold anything back, either. Black Canary questions Green Arrow’s methods, paying people off for information and then wakes up in bed with him to start the book off. Opening with such a strong question of character and methods isn’t something I would consider common place, and it caught me off guard, and has me thinking about it as I read the entirety of the book.  At the same time, he lays out what you can expect from Oliver as a character, someone who is doing what he can with all the money he has, trying his best to improve the Emerald City in which he resides.  Betrayal is the theme of the final act, but that is for you, dear reader, to discover for yourself.

Green Arrow #1 set’s up what is sure to be a great adventure into the underbelly of crime, exploring the masks we all wear, not just the good guys and bad.

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