The 100 3×4: 5 Points & a Throne

Feb 13, 2016

Watch the Thrones,” because politics can get bloody! The 100 writers juxtapose the grounders medieval-esque government system with Skaikru’s democracy in the fourth episode of season three. Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Roan (Zach McGowan) fight in a pretty badass sequence after Queen Nia issues a challenge for command. The writers really went all in on their Game of Thrones thematic similarities; Clarke just needs to find herself a Tyrion Lannister protégé to serve as her political council. He could have definitely helped Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) secure Bellamy’s (Bob Morley) vote in the Arkadia Chancellor election. Blood is spilled, decisions are made and the writers continue to force our central characters to make life changing decisions with their backs up against the wall.

#5.  Back to the Dropship   tumblr_o2ghz6vS4P1us1xjqo6_250

“Visiting old friends,” explains Jasper (Devon Bostick) to Monty (Christopher Larkin), after they sneak out of camp and return to the dropship. Seriously, they need to build better walls in Arkadia, it’s way too easy to escape. Monty quickly discovers Jasper’s intent to add Finn’s ashes to those at the dropship site. I believe he got this idea from Abby during their confrontation in Wanheda Part II.”  Clarke’s responsible for wiping out the mountain men (including Maya), Finn, and the grounders war party that was sent to fight the hundred during the season one finale. “No, screw Clarke… you are both mass murderers as far as I am concerned,” yells Jasper at Monty. See, Jasper is not only mourning the loss of his girlfriend, but his friendship with Monty too. “Either you pull yourself together and get on with your life, or you fall apart alone,” states Monty before heading back to Arkadia. There’s our interconnecting plot theme for the episode, “you fall a part alone.”  Jasper’s not going to make peace with his ghosts until he confronts Clarke.

tumblr_o2f6xiti8W1upvx62o2_500#4. Lincoln’s Choice     

 “We do not attack our own, fighting each other only makes us weak. The enemy is not in this camp,” yells Pike (Michael Beach) after a fight breaks out during the Mount Weather memorial service.  Pike has a point, except Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) is formally a Trikru grounder and now lives in Arkadia. Well, I guess he changed his mind about the guard’s uniform from “Wanheda Part 1,” considering he’s wearing it during multiple scenes in the episode.  An upset farm station survivor ends up throwing a rock at his head during the memorial service, leading to a very emotional breakdown outside of the Ark refuge. “The only way they’re going to see us different from Azgeda is I stay,” he explains to Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) after she insists they leave the camp. Really Lincoln? You should know better than Skaikru; people learn from blood sacrifices. The writers could have drawn a starker parallel between Lincoln and Clarke, being the outsider in their respective camps; had there been more time. “I can’t let you start a war,” Lincoln argues while standing guard at the Arkadia armory, “We’re already at war,” counters Pike; with the grounders, or with each other? I really hope that Octavia convinces Lincoln to leave soon, considering the new Chancellor ran on an anti-grounder platform.

#3.  Night Bloods    tumblr_o2ghz6vS4P1us1xjqo2_250

“I have my own Heada and she will be the next commander,” explains Queen Nia (Brenda Strong) as she spills Untaire’s blood over Clarke’s face. After an off-screen conversation with Prince Roan, Clarke attempts to rectify Lexa’s present situation. She enters Queen Nia’s chambers and offers her ambassador vote to remove Lexa from her grounder Commander position. Clarke’s plan is foiled when young Ontarie (Rhiannon Rish) stops her Queen from taking the blood Oath with Wanheda. “I’ve never seen blood that color before,” cries Clarke as she stumbles into Lexa’s chambers after the incident. Wrong. Lexa’s black war paint is actually garnered from her own blood. Throughout this season we’ve seen brief glimpses into Lexa’s life as the Commander, either strategizing with Titus (Neil Sandilands), or training the Night Bloods; like Aden (Cory Gruter-Andrew). These initiates are selected to be trained by the Commander based on their dark colored blood.  I understand that an increase of radiation may attribute to this “dark blood,” but why do the grounders use it to determine their coalition leaders?  We are likely to see Untaire return in a later episode, but only after Lexa dies. Yes, I still believe that Lexa will inevitably die this season.

tumblr_o2ghz6vS4P1us1xjqo5_250#2.  Vote Pike

“It’s not too late to chose the right side,” says Kane to Bellamy.  Following the events of “Ye Who Enter Here,” Bellamy is misplacing the blame for his girlfriend’s death on both the grounders and himself. My biggest issue from this episode arc is that, after the first act it became predictable. I could see the story telling mechanics shift accordingly beneath every character interaction. Pike holds a Mount Weather memorial, to honor the forty-nine, who were lost during the surprise attack. Kane interrupts to deliver news about their allegiance to the grounder coalition; basically Bellamy is a confused boy, stuck between two bickering father figures. Too bad he hasn’t adopted Clarke’s attitude, “My priority is with the living, not the dead.” Then, maybe he would have chosen Kane’s side. This is not only Bellamy’s decision, but all of Skaikru has a vote to cast in the election. Abby initially believed that Kane would unanimously win the election, after she decided to step down. Both Kane and Abby were previously sent to negotiate a peace with the grounders in Polis. A truce that has been tainted by a betrayal, “This attack by the Ice Nation was against Lexa, not us,” explains Kane. Talk about the wrong time to be “collateral damage in someone else’s war.” Bellamy decides to assist both Pike and his followers in retrieving guns from the armory. Kane prevents them from taking action and locks them in the holding cell. Newly elected Pike then pardons them all from further prosecution and moves forward with his attack plans. “I already have,” says Bellamy and then he stalks off to declare war on a grounder clan ally. Looks like a certain sibling relationship has been unintentionally placed on the chopping block next.     

#1.  Kings, Queens, & Commanderstumblr_o2fu9r0tZE1s8se0zo2_r1_540

“The Queen is dead, long live the King,” yells Lexa, after re-directing her spear at Queen Nia’s chest.  Rewind back to “Remember Me” (2×09), when Lexa tells the story about Costia, “She was captured by the Ice Nation, whose Queen believed she knew my secrets.” Well, there’s certainly more to the story. Hopefully, King Roan will be able to explain to both us and Clarke later this season. What’s Lexa hiding? I believe it will either go back to the Night Bloods, her “agenda” with Titus, or both. Prince Roan’s banishment could even relate back to Coastia. He could have been the one to take her away from Lexa in the first place. Really, I am just happy to see not only Roan survive the trial by combat, but become “King of Azgeda.” Perfect. He’ll discover “the last mountain man,” the true culprit for the latest Mount Weather tragedy and bring him to justice; at least send him to Wanheda for prosecution. “Blood must have blood,” well that’s easily achieved when seeking vengeance on an enemy, but what happens if an ally betrays you? Next episode “Hakeldama” (3×05), we’ll learn about the fallout from Bellamy’s decision to follow Pike’s order to attack the grounder protection unit. More importantly, Jaha (Isaiah Washington) returns to Arkadia; hopefully he brought A.L.I.E. too!

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