The 2022 NFT Awards

Jun 21, 2022

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The 2022 NFT Awards

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This year’s awards, sponsored by OpenSea, highlight top NFT creators and collections, community favorites and upcoming trends

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For the second year in a row, OpenSea is proud to sponsor the 2022 NFT Awards at NFT.NYC. This year, we’re excited to celebrate some of the most incredible and influential projects, creators and communities in the NFT space this year. 

On June 21, to kick off this year’s NFT.NYC, OpenSea and NFT.Kred will hand out awards to the top collections in various categories such as, highest volume drops, top earning fundraiser NFT projects and more. Data for top categories is pulled from OpenSea*, while winners in other, more subjective categories — such as Best NFT artist and Most Innovative NFT projects — are selected based on community voting.

All NFT Awards winners will have their pieces on display in the NFT.NYC Gallery in the Event Atrium at the Marriott Marquis throughout the conference. The gallery is open to all attendees with a conference badge until the end of NFT.NYC on Thursday, June 23.

We’ll be providing full coverage of the 2022 NFT Awards on our social channels, and we’ll be updating this post to include the full list of winners after Tuesday night’s award show.

*Award Methodology: Data for Top Awards is pulled from OpenSea based on each category, (such as sales volume, transactions or number of holders) from the last 12 months (May 26, 2021 – May 26, 2022). All other awards are determined by community voting. Over 18,000 votes were received for this year’s awards.

The post The 2022 NFT Awards appeared first on OpenSea Blog .


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