The Beauty of Lies a “Convergence #2” Review

Apr 15, 2015

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Con2 CovConvergence #2
DC Comics

Written by: Jeff King
Art by: Jason Paz and Carlo Pagulayan

How much the events of Convergence will impact the main DC continuity moving forward from the event, remains to be seen.  Many have argued in the critical world that the stories lack of focus on the NEW 52 timeline makes the story feel meaningless.  Regardless of how the event unfolds and how readers may feel about the series so far, Convergence #2 is an issue that has the potential to live in DC and Batman lore for years to come.

The second issue of Convergence  focuses on the tragic fate of an alternate Dick Grayson and his family, through this we are drawn to now what has become a classic part of the DC mytho’s.  Which is as Christian Bale’s Batman so eloquently put it in 2008’s The Dark Knight: “Sometimes people deserve more than the truth, sometimes they deserve to have their faith rewarded.”  You cannot help think that Writer Jeff King wasn’t at least somewhat impacted by that line as he wrote Dick Grayson comforting his Son in the inevitable time of tragedy that opens this issue.

Con2 Cent

While this book provides a powerful commentary on the comfort of lies that everyone has struggled with, it’s greatestCon2 Var triumph comes at a time of truth.  As for the first time ever in DC Comics we see an epic meeting between an adult Thomas Wayne and his Son Bruce, both of which are their own multi-verse’s respective Batman.  The truth of tragedy and the desire to combat the evils their World’s comes full circle in these subtle but powerful panels.

Convergence #2 may  be a bit handicapped by Artist’s Carlos Pagulayan and Jason Paz choice to illustrate their action scenes with heavy doses of DC house art.  This ultimately makes for some wonky action between Telos and the Justice League.  However Jeff King’s ability to subtly, but superbly give DC readers the emotional encounter between Bruce and Thomas Wayne that they have been wanting to see since the end of Flash Point is what defines this book.



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