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Apr 24, 2020


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What is gambling? Today, perhaps, this is one of the most affordable types of entertainment with possibility to earn money online. I like the French expression jeu de hasard - Game of chance. This expression formed the English word gambling in the end. Speaking literally, gambling is a game with the goal of winning money or material values, where the gain itself is largely or completely independent of the player’s skills or knowledge. And the main interest is aimed at the outcome of the game, and not at its process.

The most famous place to enjoy gambling is the casino. There, players are offered dozens of different types of games, where everything is decided by chance i.e. randomly. That’s why gambling games are interesting - you never know when the next win will occur, which forces you to place bets again.

Previously, this type of entertainment was not available to everyone. Casinos are not in all cities, and not even in all countries. This repelled potential players, because for such cases a decent capital was needed: the cost of travel, hotel, food and many other related costs.

Today, such a need has disappeared - gambling has become available to absolutely everyone. This opportunity appeared with the advent of the online casino gambling market. In order to get your “portion of excitement” it is enough to have something from the following list: computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Modern online casinos work on any devices that have Internet access. And besides, they also offer gambling for free! You can play free top online pokies here.

Free pokis no download

The online gambling industry has not stood still for more than two decades, attracting more and more people. And if the first online casinos were once clearly inferior to luxurious land-based gaming establishments, modern online casinos are in many ways ahead of them. In recent times, the casino has become as much entertainment as computer games or streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, etc. Casinos became available to ordinary players, and not just to a narrow circle of people who could afford to visit the best gambling clubs on earth. Today, online casino sites are regularly visited by millions of players from all over the world, including most of the population of US and Canada. Many sites offer an excellent selection of games created by leading developers, generous bonuses and a wide range of bets, valuable prizes and interesting tournaments, incredible jackpots and other gambling activities.

Top gambling games available at online casinos

Gambling entertainment can be called any game in which material values are at stake, and the fate of the winner is decided by chance. Even a simple coin toss. But in society, the best gambling games have been established for decades, which we will discuss further.


One of the most popular gambling games. The essence of the game is as follows: a wheel is spinning with 37 numbered sectors (18 red, 18 black and zero), and the player’s task is to guess what number the ball will land on. Pure chance, nothing more! There are less risky bets, such as just the color or sector, but the most gambling bet is the bet on single number!


Blackjack or 21 is a game that is hundreds of years old. It’s easy not to come up with a simpler game: the dealer deals two cards to himself and the player. The player’s task is to score more points than the dealer, but not more than 21. You can pick up an unlimited number of cards until decide that you have enough points or Bust (score more than 21). After the dealer opens, the chips go into someone’s box and a new round begins.

Online pokie machines

The most popular gambling is of course pokie machines. Here, the player simply needs to decide on the bet and click on the start button. All winnings are controlled by a pseudo-random number generator - a kind of “arbiter of fate”, which determines whether a round wins or not. Of course, each of RNGs decisions is completely random. Today in online casinos there are several thousand different online pokie machines for any player and wallet. Even if you have exclusive requirements for pokies, you will still find a suitable option. You can learn more about online gambling at Bgaoc website.

Why didn’t we mention poker? If we are talking about real poker that is played live or in online poker rooms, then it has long gone out of the category of gambling. Most of the planet recognized this game as a game of skill, not chance.

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