The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – The Final Season (Review)

Dec 31, 2020


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Season 4, All Episodes

I’ve been following The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina sense it’s comic book inception and am admittedly said to see it end. The wonderfully dark and weird world of Greendale as been an absolute blast to visit and I’m going to miss all the teenage drama, blood, guts and witchcraft that went along with it. Last season we saw the story of Sabrina really expand with new characters, a fair amount of time spent in hell and saw a world of magic beyond the witchery we saw in seasons one and two. While season 3 opened the doors for something new, season 4 takes this ideas and runs with it full boar with introducing the characters of Greendale to the mythos of Lovecraft.

Lovercraft seems to be a very popular topic in 2020 with HBO’s hit Lovecraft Country leading the way in the dark and mysterious and now The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ending its long form narrative on the same note. This season ditches a lot of the high school drama back drop and side characters to provide a much more focused “monster of the week format.” The story opens with Father Blackwood denouncing his warlock ways to embrace a new type of “God,” Cosmicism. As Blackwood opens the doors to the never ending darkness and its cosmic entities, Greendale is plagued with the presence of “The Eldritch Terrors.” This is where our monster of the week element comes in. These mythoical monsters at as heralds for “The Void” the big bad of the series and each one offers a unique challenge for Sabrina and the gang to overcome.

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The Eldritch Terrors are all unique but equally terrifying in their presence and goals. The show will introduce you to The Dark, The Uninvited, The Weird, The Perverse, The Cosmic, The Returned, my personal favorite episode The Endless, and finally The Void. Each episode this season focus on one of these terrors and how Sabrina must use her wits and magic to overcome it. It makes for some interesting and inventive situations as each episode presents a unique problem with a unique way to solve it. As I mentioned earlier it also focuses our storylines and characters more so than previous seasons. The high school stuff is left behind, the teen romance melodrama is sent packing, and while these subplots maybe missed for some the series zero’s in on fighting the Eldritch Terrors one by one and preventing the ending of existence.

This season also seems to wrap up a log of lose ends from the season 3, including finding a solution for the dueling Sabrina’s and Hell’s grip on the Coven. As series finales goes, I found it incredibly satisfying. We still get the wonderful production design with some added flair as we venture beyond Greendale, back into Hell and experience other dimensions and locals. We also get some surprising guest stars that long time Sabrina fans have been waiting for and their appearance fits wonderfully in the over arching narrative. My only gripe with this season is the lack of character involvement, Sabrina is 100% our main focus and the supporting cast and their storylines that have building for 3 seasons take a noticeable back seat or are left completely ignored. They all are now just there to help or serve Sabrina in defeating whatever Eldritch Terror is terrorizing them in the episode. That being said, I still found each episode to be an exciting experience that not only allowed Sabrina to shine more so than in previous seasons but as she succeed a part of her also seem to die, Watching her make sacrifice after sacrifice to save her friends and family really put the weight on her shoulders and made each episode an entertaining endeavor.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s final season maybe its best if you looking for straight horror and action. It’s relentless in its pace as we burn through a Terror an episode. Sure, they do ditch a lot of the subplots and romantic shenanigans but Sabrina shines more so than any other character and while it maybe too much for some it’s ultimately important as she reaches her final destination. Cthulu is king this season and it’s a welcome threat and much needed shake up from the demons and devils of the previous years. It’s ending is as tragic as its beginning and watching the final episode I was sad to have to say goodbye to such a well crafted, dark, and horrifically fun series. Hopefully there is another Greendale in our future but in case there isn’t, this was a tremendous way to say goodbye.

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Score 9.0


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