The Chupacabra Is Coming For You! “Indigenous” (Review)

Dec 11, 2015

Indig posterAre you looking for a nice feel good movie for the holiday season that you can watch with your entire family? Well, Indigenous is probably not that movie. I went into this movie completely blind, and came away pleased that I got a chance to see it. I love horror stories that take a mythological monster and make him real and of course threatening to society. In this case it is the great mystery of the Chupacabra is explored with terrifying effect. The first time I learned about this creature was on an X-Files episode called “El Mundo Gira”. By the way this is a great episode if you would like to see Scully and Mulder take on this south-western myth. The Chupacabra can be translated to goat-sucker but in this movie it is more into human consumption.

Indigenous is about a group of friends who take a vacation to Panama for some surfing, relaxing, and of indig1course partying. Then one of the sex crazed young men meets a lovely girl who tells them of a great waterfall which falls into a lovely pool of water with the most beautiful scenery in the world. They believe it sounds too good to pass up and take the local up on her offer to show them the site. That is when another Panama resident who is present while hearing this story warns them not to venture to this waterfall because a dangerous creature inhabits the area. Of course being young, stupid and always looking for a good time they heed the warning and head out on an expedition to this waterfall. From this point on the movie really starts to pick up and we get to watch the Chupacabra chase the kids around a very dense jungle.

This film starts out real slow and tries to pull you into the story. Unfortunately it takes about 30 minutes for the story to move forward into the jungle. Once there it is fast paced and a real treat to see this folklore come to life and reek havoc among these friends. It is an enjoyable movie if you are a horror fanatic like me. If you are bored at home, need a break from all the holiday cheer and want to get your blood pumping a little, why not go to Video on Demand and check it out.

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