The Continued Evolution of “Klaus” #3 (Review)

Feb 3, 2016


Klaus #3

Klaus #3
BOOM! Studios

Author:  Grant Morrison
Illustrator:  Dan Mora

It may be the “season of love,” but Santa is still on my mind, thanks to Klaus #3 written by Grant Morrison and Illustrated by Dan Mora. In Issue 3, we continue to learn of the ways in which Klaus has to evolve to bring joy to the people, and how the name Santa slowly get’s attached to him.

After a failed attempt at leaving toys on the doorsteps of all in Issue 2, Klaus knows there is work still to be done, and that if he is to bring joy and take down Lord Magnus during Yuletide then he must figure something out. Thanks to his wolf companion, Lili, Klaus is able to escape what appeared to have been certain capture, ascending to the rooftops of the town, where his next bit of inspiration comes from.

Morrison is doing a fantastic job of telling the tale of Santa in a way untold before, full of badassery and magic, fun, fantasy and darkness. Issue 3 continues to develop all of the main characters in the story, both good and bad, and we start to understand who they are. The damsel in distress has appeared, the evil behind the evil man, and Klaus himself continues to show us their motives, their character, and continuing the trend of me as a reader wanting to know more about them. The subtle use of magic to help further the tale is bright and beautiful, but far from overdone and cliché.   Klaus #3 (of 7) last page

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Mora, the man behind the art, continues to bring a beautiful realism to the pages. the art is sharp, crisp, bright and glum all at once, encompassing everything this book has to offer. In a town where there is no joy the greys help Klaus stand out, and in the woods where Klaus is in his element, the brightness of the snow and trees during the winter time are as beautiful as they are in real life. The contrast between all of the work and the paneling in this book really help tell the story, even to the minute details that a move would want you to catch.

As a comic reader of a little under 6 months now, I have to say that Morrison and Mora have won me over as author and artist, and I will actively be seeking work from them in the future and from the past. If you aren’t reading this, because you think a story about Santa is too childish for you, I would urge you, go get Klaus, and enjoy what these two are doing.

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