The Fight To Be The Savior of Coast City Begins in “Green Lantern” #50 (Review)

Mar 2, 2016


GL501Green Lantern #50 DC Comics Written by: Robert Venditti Art by: Billy Tan & Vincente Cifuentes Color by: Alex Sinclair & Tony Avina What better way to celebrate the 50th issue of DC’s New 52 Green Lantern than a double-sized story featuring a feared and ruthless villain who made his debut in Green Lantern #50 Vol. 3. The Parallax possessed Hal Jordan was first introduced in Ron Marz’s Emerald Twilight storyline. For those who haven’t read it Emerald Twilight it tells the story of a Hal Jordan consumed by grief at the loss of his beloved Coast City. After restoring the city using his immense will, Hal then seeks the power to never let it happen again. Destroying the Green Lantern Corps in his wake, Hal consumes the power battery and becomes Parallax. Alright, all caught up, now back to our regularly scheduled review…Green_Lantern_Vol_3_50 Green Lantern #50 by Robert Venditti brings Parallax back! From another universe this evil Hal Jordan has discovered our world; a world where Hal had overcame Parallax and survived countless other battles to become the ultimate lantern he is today. It was also a world where Parallax could finally be the savior to Central City he so desperately desired. Venditti creates the ultimate clash of titans as these two Green Lanterns meet for an epic 21 page battle and our Hal Jordan walks away for changed. GL202Obviously when you get a character like Parallax facing off against a now uber powered Hal Jordan you are going to be in for some fantastic visuals and action packed imagery. Venditti’s story isn’t for new readers as those who are unfamiliar with GL mythos, specifically Hal’s history as Parallax, may not understand some of the context in the dialogue. The story so far isn’t anything too heavy but it still has it heartfelt moments. It was essentially just two heavy hitters duking it out in the street which is what you want to see when Parallax hits the scene but Venditti still manages to set the seeds for interesting new directions for both Green Lantern’s. In every Green Lantern book I pay especially close attention to the art because GL is as much about its visuals as it is its characters and story. Billy Tan and Vincente Cifuentes split art duties on Green Lantern #50 and unfortunately while most panels are stunning, vibrant, and beautiful there are a few moments of inconsistency. One panel in particular it appears as if Hal’s mask disappears and reappears in the next panel for no reason at all. Small gripes aside Tan and Cifuentes give us an emerald fueled battle scene that is worth the price of admission alone. Alex Sinclair and Tony Avina’s colors shine as bright as the corps themselves as each panel bleeds green. Green Lantern #50 is definitely not a comic for new readers, but Green Lantern fans should be pleased as two of the most powerful beings in Green Lantern history collide to be the sole savior of Central City. It’s a cool homage to an issue 50 of Green Lantern’s past that strives also pushing the series forward.

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