The Five Best DC Comics Superhero Casino Games Online

Nov 15, 2019

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It’s common knowledge that comic book behemoths like Marvel and DC are able to generate huge amounts of money through merchandising. Everything from a Superman lunchbox to a Guardians of the Galaxy power bank to Quantum Avengers hoodies can be branded and land the cash for the studios. 

One area of superhero branding that is perhaps surprising in its popularity is the range of DC Comics casino games. Warner Bros. and casino software specialist Playtech struck a deal a few years back to create DC Superheroes slots, and the results have been spectacular: Real footage from DC movies, superb graphics and amazing gameplay; putting them among the most popular casino games on the planet. 

There have been around 20 individual games released so far – many tying in with new movies. If you want to check them out, our best choice for Canadian players would be, but below we count down the best five in the ground-breaking series:

  1. Superman II

For some, the Superman II movie rivals The Dark Knight as the greatest DC movie in history. In terms of the casino games, Superman II is a clear winner. What this game does to wonderful effect is take elements from the Christopher Reeve movie and weave it through the fabric of the game. So, for example, you have a Phantom Zone Free Games feature, a Skyline Fight feature and Battle for Metropolis Bonus, all based on the memorable scenes featuring Reeves’ Superman, Terence Stamp’s General Zod and the rest of the cast.

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  1. Justice League

Justice League looks great and provides plenty of entertainment, but there is an important distinction to make; namely, it feels like more of a pure casino game than the effects-laden titles like Superman II. In saying that, there is plenty of cool features on offer. Indeed, each member of the Justice League has their own special feature that can help you on the way to huge prizes. 

  1. Man of Steel

The movie that was supposed to reset the DC franchise and throw down the gauntlet to Marvel. Man of Steel has plenty of critics, but the casino game has quickly become one of the most popular around. There are some unique features on show here. First, there is the fact that Superman and General Zod symbols do battle across the reels (yes, really) and there is an Unlimited Free Games feature which sees Superman fight Zod and his cronies (again, using real footage). Best of all is the Krypton Free Games bonus, which takes place on a bizarre reel set in outer space. Top stuff. 

  1. Batman Begins
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Yes, Chris Nolan’s dark knight trilogy might not seem like the kind of movies that would fit perfectly with casino games, but all three have been created and remain hugely popular. Our favourite is Batman Begins, which is arguably one of the most innovative and ambitious casino games ever created. Why? Because it is actually five different games in one, with different modes launching once certain symbols have fallen on the reels. 

  1. Batman and the Penguin Prize

Perhaps showing the depth of DC Superheroes games, Batman and the Penguin Prize is based on the 1960s Batman tv series, with Adam West as the Caped Crusader and Burgess Meredith as the Penguin. The casino game is madcap, and plenty of fun, especially when the special bonuses are triggered. It’s also worth mentioning that this game and all other DC Superheroes games are connected through a shared progressive jackpot game. Any spin on any game can trigger the top prize – potentially worth millions of dollars. 

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