The Five of Pentacles – A Dungeons & Dragons journal: Melarch the magic Dragon

Nov 7, 2016


The following is a journal, describing the exploits and adventure of the adventuring party “the Five of Pentacles” told by the knowledgeable storyteller. The party is one of many adventuring parties in the world of Chansika, a homebrewed world in the roleplaying game of Dungeons and Dragons. And with that out of the way……on to the story.

Our tale starts on the trail. the caravan of trademaster Johnuasses had just left from Bordertown headed to the small swamp city of Pæleby. The caravan was protected by trail proven guards, although on a trail where Little to nothing happened.

It was the last trip of the season before the winter closed off the trail, and already the winds where blowing Cold. Bearlone, the noblesmans son from the North, had entertained the party on every damn trip, that he was simply gathering his resources so he could continue his travel, and prove his worth to his father Lord Blackrose. this in turn caused Tom the Halfling bard  to weave story after story, which by every turn of the carriages wheel, became increasingly sordid.

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the caravan traveled through areas of long stretches of open land, as it had done so many times before. After a few days travel, only disturbed by the howling of the giant foxes that inhabited this here particular area of Nexus, until they finally arrived at the gates of Pæleby.

Now gates of Pæleby is a mighty big way of saying rather small fence, surrounding the small outcropping of houses, built close (and in some cases in ) the swamp of Råddyb, which translated from the native tongue means something Akin to depths of decay. The name was mostly due to the constant foul smell of the nearby swamp.


Having unloaded the goods of the caravan, and having stabled the horses, the heroes as well as the caravan drivers seek out the cozy tavern of “The Wandering Dragon”. As they approached the tavern they saw the old sign hanging outside, with an image of a “dragon”and a worn beer stein. The dragon image very much resembled a Tiefling. Which caused Melarch the Tiefling warlock to snort in disgust. Entering the door to the tavern, the smell of fermented swamp Water hit their nostrils, along with the happy song of the taverns patrons.

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As the night grows older, the tales of our heroes grows dirtier and more sordid. Tom the halfling bard quickly starts Winding a song about Melarch the magic dragon, much to Melarch the Tieflings disapproval, however the patrons of the Wandering dragon, seemed to like it, and perhaps they did like the strange Tiefling beast a bit more, from it.


The last Tom remembers before he passes out, from the potent Swamp Schnaps is some of the local patrons, who discuss what the strange noises coming from the swamp might be.

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