“The Flash” #50 Breaks Free (Review)

Apr 20, 2016

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The_Flash_Vol_4-50_Cover-1_TeaserThe Flash #50
DC Comics

Written by: Van Jensen
Art by: Jesus Merino & Paul Pelletier
Color by: Guy Major & Pete Pantazis

It’s hard to be a hero. The Flash has saved Central City countless times, but the CCPD and Captain Frye have had enough of meta-humans and The Scarlet Speedster. In an attempt to rid the city of The Flash, Captain Frye and a mysterious benefactor hire our hero’s greatest Rogues to bring him down. So what happens when the Flash gets locked up? You get blazing action, heartfelt heroism and a reveal that will have every DC comics fan coming back for more.

The Flash #50 is an extremely fast paced story that sees our hero doing all he can to once again save Central City and its citizens. Van Jensen packs a ton of Scarlet Speedster spectacle in this issue and it’s wonderful. While it is no doubt fun, The Flash #50 does feel a bit rushed as Jensen backs himself into a bit of a corner by having Barry arrested and has to use a convenient plot device to get him out. It made for some great action Flash05and more heroic moments for Barry but I did make a noticeable sigh when I reached that panel. Jensen does throw in multiple plot lines, a plethora of villains, and some convenient cameos but The Flash #50 remains an exciting adventure that shows us why Barry Allen is the hero we all deserve.

If Van Jensen’s story isn’t high paced enough for you, the art of The Flash #50 will have you feeling the speed force. Jesus Merion & Paul Pelletier please the eyes with pencils that fly of the page and panels filled to the brim with detail and Easter eggs. Guy Major & Pete Pantazis highlight this fantastic pencil work with bright and bountiful colors making it hard to turn away.

The Flash #50 flies by and despite finding the “easy way out”, Jensen and crew give us an action packed 50th issue worthy of the Scarlet Speeder. The Flash #50 will show readers why Barry Allen’s The Flash is the unrelenting hero you can’t help but love.

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