The Flash Reverse – Episode 15: Out of Time REVIEW (SPOILERS)

Mar 18, 2015

Warning: Spoilers Follow!

“Out of time” may be The Flash episode that fans of the Scarlett Speedster could talk about for years, or an episode with repercussions that could be forgotten in weeks. “Out of Time” felt more like a season finale. Aspects and plot points that fans have wanted to see addressed since the series began, were seemingly dealt with in the span of the final 10 minutes of this episode. However it may have only been the last minute that Barry Allen experienced in this week episode that mattered, a minute in which Barry used the speed force to return to the start of the episode. Thus rendering many major plot shifts we saw in the episode mute, allowing the series to clear the palette.

Depending on your stance, using time travel to jeopardize previous character moments could be seen as an interesting dynamic to be implemented in the show, or it could be seen as a magic eraser for certain story moments which could lower the series stakes. Regardless of how you feel about Barry’s use of the speed force for time travel, you have to admire how well the series set these elements up through the entirety of the first season. The staggered approach to the speed force leads to a more organic shock at the end of the episode rather the feeling that it was done for shock value.


As much as fans will speculate and go on about whether the events of “Out of time” will actually matter, this episode will be remembered for making this version of The Flash, the “Barry and Iris” story. The chemistry and awkwardness these two share can only be rivaled by Lois and Clark at this point, which considering the fact that Iris is a reporter now they basically are Lois and Clark. Even if time travel erases some of the more profound Iris and Barry moments in tonight’s episode, the mutual feelings for one another are at least out there and Barry will remember how things played out before rewinding time.


So what about the element that most Flash fans have pondered for the not only the past three weeks but the past three months. Is Harrison Wells the Reverse Flash? The answer is a resounding yes. Just as much as “Out of time” confirmed the Iris and Barry dynamic, it also confirmed the intentions of Harrison Wells. Or should I say the evil intentions of Eobard Thawne! By confirming his true identity as Thawne and declaring his intentions to get back to his original place in time, there should be little doubt in most viewers mind that there is a single Reverse Flash and yes he is a Villain. As evidenced by The Flash show runners’ choice of the most notorious version of the man in the yellow suit reintroduced a few years ago in Geoff John’s: Flash Rebirth storyline.

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fla115b-0205b-126077Editor’s Note: I mirror Brad’s excitement for this episode. I couldn’t believe (and still can’t) what conspired in the short 10 minutes at the end of the episode, then have it all be rewound back to the start of the episode. Not only am I relieved that characters like Cisco might be saved, I’m excited to see what Barry will do with his second chance. Lastly, I LOVED the second take on Weather Wizard. Clive Martin fell a bit flat for me, but when Mark attacks the police HQ, I got a bit excited with how they made this version of Weather Wizard deadlier and more skilled with his powers! – Everett

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