The future of computer gaming is closer than you think

Apr 3, 2020


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Technology seems to be one of those things that despite whatever else is happening in the world, it will always keep evolving and getting more powerful than we could ever imagine. The first smartphones came out just ten years ago and now we have super computers and folding screens that seem to bend the laws of physics. 

With technology getting so advanced, it is no surprise that the rest o the world has been trying to catch up and get integrated into the online world as soon as possible. Video games and other technologies that exist alongside computers are trying to keep up, and some of the technology we can expect to see from games in the future is breathtaking. 

The history of computer gaming

AS long as there have been computers, there have been computer games. The first computer game credited to exist was made in 1962 and was primitive at best. Computers of that era were the size of rooms and were not very powerful at all. In fact, the phone you carry in your pocket today is more powerful than every computer used to get the Apollo 11 rocket to the moon. As technology evolved and computers became more powerful, we began to see some more games like Pong and Tetris hit the market that were true flagships for their time. 

Around the 1990s, computer games were really starting to come into their own as more households began to get personal computers. The games were still basic, but many more people could access them than ever before. As the story continues, we see games getting better and better as computer technology continues to increase. Our modern games take advantage of immense amounts of storage and power that would never have been imaginable as recent as ten years ago. As technology continues to advance without any signs of stopping, it is no wonder that the computer gaming industry has grown as large as it is today. 

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The modern era

The gaming industry alone is growing at an exponential rate and shows signs of getting even larger in the future. As more people have been getting access to the internet worldwide, the increase in gaming in new markets has exploded and made the gaming industry on of the most valuable on the world market. Modern graphics and game engines can power almost lifelike simulations that blur the line between fact and fiction so that modern player can be fully immersed. You don’t even have to leave your room to have science fiction turn to reality before your very eyes. The presence of internet connectivity provided at an instant means that players can connect on international playing fields from games where you have to take down an alien structure or even for a simple round of virtual poker. Modern gaming can be whatever you want it to be and there is something for everyone on the computer-based space.

The Future of gaming

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As we look to od gaming, there are many paths it could take to give us never before seen experiences. To highlight what you and expect to see, lets look at some of the technologies that you can expect to see become refined and perfected in the future. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a fairly new technology today and the future has the potential to make it something incredible. Modern VR is fairly basic and requires lots of power, annoying cables, and difficult to use interfaces. The future could make VR something seamless and immersive that cuts the cords and awkwardness to make VR seem like you’re moving around in a foreign world. There is even potential for VR to be used in the medical and scientific fields to improve and save lives. 

Online Entertainment 

Modern entertainment online aside from videogames really only consists of some online card games and slot machines. These can be fun for some time, but the future of online entertainment is closer than you would think. Virtual arcades full of engaging and unique entertainment games will make you interested in winning and make you want to try out new and exciting experiences. The ability to go to a place like Vegas from the comfort of your own home means that the world can come to you as you play to win. 

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Lifelike Graphics

More powerful computers in the future means that eventually even laptops will be able to power games and graphics that are indistinguishable from real life. Modern particle and shadow effects are something spectacular and the potential that future graphics could have is unimaginable. Hardware is getting smaller and software is getting more capable so games that look almost lifelike are not far off as current technology progresses. The future of gaming is filled with many exciting possibilities and technology we could never fathom today, but it’ll be here sooner than you think.

Getting to the future 

The future holds great things for the computer gaming industry, but how will we actually get there? Most of the general issues with modern computers is that there seem to be some upper limits in size and power for the materials we are using today. With more development in the scientific and electronic fields, we can begin to see more technology beginning to emerge as the world gets ready to cradle its existence. Faster internet and instant connectivity will also allow information and data to be transferred like never before. 

Key takeaways 

Gaming has come so far from its early days of simple pixels on a screen to the modern multi-billion-dollar industry that computer gaming is today. Getting faster computers and more seamless technology will make the virtual world even more similar to our own as we look to push the envelope of what a computer can do and be. For all we know, we could have peaked with technology and this is the best it will be, but there is hope and a desire to see just how incredible the future can be. 

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