​The future of gaming in Malaysia

Feb 18, 2022

Esports in Malaysia

There has been a rise in the popularity of electronic gaming, often known as Esports, throughout the country.

Dota 2, Mobile Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tekken 7, and Fifa are just a few of the popular video games in which Malaysians excel.

Esports growth is different from that of other countries that have generated many billionaire professional gamers, despite the fact that many young individuals in our country have found success in this industry.

Although Esports has just recently arrived in Malaysia, the Youth and Sports Ministry has recognized it. The Ministry of Youth and Sports published the Esports Growth Strategic Plan 2020-2025 to widen E-sports with five strategies for training athletes for E-sports and assuring ethical and responsible Esports practices. access to E-sports infrastructure, healthy Esports ecosystems, and effective rules and governance are all part of the solution.

Education, economy, health, career progression, and engagement in youth and volunteer organizations should be the driving forces behind esports growth.

It was for this reason that the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) has formed the Esports Medical Academic, a complete medical committee devoted solely to E-sports and video gamers. As well as leading Esports Medica, MBM is a member of Green Crescent Malaysia and Darul Khusus Electronic Sports Teams.

​​The Esports Medica team is made up of professionals in the fields of facial, ear, cognitive, ergonomic, and psychological health. To better understand and communicate with gamers, this medical community has teamed up with Esports organizations. There is a desire to help Esports grow in a safe and responsible manner.

Additionally, MBM is seeking to promote e-sports as a means of enhancing one’s professional development, skills, and entrepreneurial endeavors. One of the solutions for employment development following Covid-19 is this.

In Esports, streamers, as well as professional players, play a significant role. Streamers are individuals who broadcast their video gameplay in real-time for the benefit of those who are interested in watching. Viewers can converse with them when they are streaming.

As social media sites like Facebook supply video game streaming space, it has created doors for gamers to make their own cash via the star distribution system in a roundabout way. Fans and streamers may connect more efficiently with the star distribution technique, often known as Facebook gaming stars.

Viewers will pay for the stars upfront, and they will then be given to the streamers throughout their broadcast. Thus, the more stars a streamer accumulates, the more money they earn.

Online casinos 

Malaysians are growing rapidly in the world of technology and more and more casino providers are popping up to serve Malaysians from all around the world. This means that Malaysian players will to have search deeper in the huge demand in order to know which provider would be best for them before playing online slots and other games of chance. 

Using reviews and guides sites can assist in the search for safe sites. A trustworthy guide such as Sportslens​ unbiased ratings of 10 Malaysian casino sites can make the grueling task much easier and faster as it delivers professional reviews, information and covers everything you need to know about choosing an online casino. The number of Malaysians gambling online is on the rise, and online gambling Malaysia sites are getting more frequent.

Although Malaysia is a primarily Muslim country, the country’s internet gambling laws allow non-Muslims to wager at online casinos and sportsbooks. Online casinos are not permitted in the country, though. However, several internet casinos outside of Malaysia happily accept Malaysian players.

Casino games are the most popular kind of online gambling in Malaysia. Even though Malaysia has just a few real-world casinos (due to the country’s majority Muslim population and the Islamic prohibition on games of chance), casino games like blackjack and roulette are extremely popular. Live casino games, on the other hand, are more popular than software-based casino games in this jurisdiction. Live casino games, RNG-based casino games, slots, and fishing games may all be found at these three sites, as well as a variety of other games, such as poker, and bingo.

The world is full of people who are passionate about sports, and Malaysia is no exception. Football is big in Malaysia, despite the fact that the national team has a dismal record of victories. There are thousands of fans on the peninsula and in Borneo cheering for Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona. Badminton, rugby, and hockey are other prominent sports in the United States. There aren’t as many sportsbooks in Malaysia as there are in other Asian nations, but there are still a good number of options for those interested. A taste of Malaysian sports betting may be had at the three establishments highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Ads, pay-per-view systems, and gear sales are just some of the ways streamers may earn money in addition to being compensated. The outcome is that people are trained to use this platform for both profit and charitable activity and volunteerism as a result of this training.

On the radio, we can hear them asking for donations for the Covid-19 war fund and for the care of pediatric patients. As a result, MBM hopes to inspire E-sports participants to use their skills outside of the sport.​​


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