The Goonies Slot Game: Geeky Casino Perfection

May 29, 2019


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For many of us who grew up in the 1980s, The Goonies was the go-to movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The film still holds up reasonably well 34 years after its release, and it is most-certainly in the rewatchable category. There is a fair chance that anyone reading this has seen the Goonies more than twice. It’s just that kind of movie. Indeed, it’s even been released on the big screen on occasion.

The film is also a who’s who of geeky pop culture: Director Richard Donner is the man who brought Christopher Reeve’s Superman to the big screen; Writer Chris Columbus went on to direct Harry Potter movies; We all know that Sam Gamgee (Sean Astin) was a Goonie; but, freaking Thanos (Josh Brolin) was in the gang too. Indeed, while we might owe the fledgling career of the actor that played the Avengers’ greatest foe to the Goonies, you can see how other pop culture phenomena, such as Stranger Things, draw directly on the ‘band of misfits’ genre propagated by 80s films like the Goonies and Stand By Me.

Blueprint’s Goonies slot has been a huge hit

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As a sign of the movie’s continued pull, Blueprint Gaming has released a new Goonies online slot game. Now, when a software developer creates a ‘branded’ casino game there is usually two ways they can go. In some cases, developers simply brand the game with a few images and audio tracks, but the slot is just like countless others when you strip away the veneer.

The Goonies slot, however, falls into another category; namely, it is not just a branding exercise, but a game that incorporates elements of its source material and brings it to life. In the case of the Goonies slot, the movie’s characters will guide you through different bonus games and special features. For example, Chunk can appear on screen and do the famous Truffle Shuffle, adding special wild symbols to the reels, or Data (he’ll always be Short Round from Indiana Jones for us) can add a colossal symbol for huge payouts.

Game is available at some new online casinos

If you want to check it out, The Goonies slot is available to play at some new online casinos like Casiplay, which has a free spins offer and bonus opportunity listed on the casino guide at Almost all the characters feature in some way, but the most thrilling action takes place when awarded One Eyed Willy’s Bonus. The feature gives you the chance to win one of six bonus games, allowing you to risk your loot in pursuit of bigger prizes. The holy grail, as such, is reaching the final bonus game, One Eyed Willy’s Treasure, which all but guarantees a big payout.

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The creator of the Goonies slot, Blueprint Gaming, has previous form in creating slot games based on elements of pop culture, with Top Cat and Ted among its most celebrated creations. Again, what it does right is to not simply slap a movie logo on the games, but to make something new that would excite fans of the source material and casino players alike.

The Goonies is arguably where Blueprint Gaming has perfected its art of making fun and exciting casino slots based on movies and hit television shows. We counted 12 different special features, all of which remain honour the movie in some way. Like the Goonies movie, this one looks like it will be popular for a long time.

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