The Green Lanterns face a world filled with Rage in Green Lanterns #2 (REVIEW)

Jul 6, 2016


GLS-Cv2-ds-b437aGreen Lanterns #2
DC Comics

Written by: Sam Humphries
Art By: Robson Rocha, Jay Leisten

The leader of the Red Lanterns, Atrocitus, is looking to preserve his corps. With his mind set on Earth as their planets replacement, rage is unleashed throughout the planet. The rookie Green Lanterns have their work cut out for them, as Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz face off against a challenge well above their level of experience.

Humphries continues diving into the inner issues Jessica is facing within. She still continues to have doubts of taking on the role of a GLS-2-3-b7ddfGreen Lantern and her struggle with Anxiety. She is also now dealing with the fact that her sister has become one of the infected. Simon, however, seems to have the opposite effect of representing the Green Lantern Corps, as he comes bursting into scene, smiling and driving a truck constructed of his willpower. It’s very clear these two together, don’t quite match Hal Jordan, however, I do find these characters fairly relatable at times. These are two individuals with personal flaws they must deal with, especially in regards to Jessica’s anxiety. This is a back-to-basics experience for Jessica. Although, she previously had experience with a similar power as Power Ring, this time she must learn the importance of harvesting her willpower. Meanwhile, GLS-2-1-1f64fSimon takes a bit of a backseat in this issue but not without being a bit of a showboat. The buddy cop element is still there, as Humphries and Rocha focus on their cooperation as a team while they get settled in as Earth’s guardians.

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Rocha and Blond’s art very well compliments the story. One of the stand out panels comes by the end of the issue. The Lanterns witness the impact the threat has had on earth on a larger scale as the rage has spread to form the Red Lantern symbol, spreading throughout the U.S.. Not to mention the facial expressions of each of the victims under the Red Lanterns Influence definitely look fantastically frightening. Even the words said as the Red Lanterns conversing with one another are dripping with hatred, courtesy of Jay Leisten. They is literally emotion in their words.

This Green Lantern series is gradually gaining momentum like a train constructed from Will Power. The concept of two heads are better than one, in this case has yet to be proven but certainly worth entertaining. This issue contains both series aspects as well as some comedic value between the duo.

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