The Green Power Ranger To Appear In The ‘Power Rangers Movie’?

Jul 21, 2016


The big screen Power Rangers reboot doesn’t come out to early next year and Lionsgate are taking this opportunity to promote the upcoming superhero film at San Diego Comic-Con.

The Power Rangers franchise has been on our TV screens for twenty-three years now (would you believe it?), and whilst it’s still popular today, it was back in the early 90’s when the show hit its peak.

The show introduced us to five diverse high school students, who were chosen by Zordon, a wise galactic sage to save the world from the threat of Rita Repulsa an evil sorceress hell-bent on intergalactic domination. The Rangers could morph into super-powered warriors and pilot giant robots known as Zords all thanks to their power coins.

The original team were joined by a sixth member, known as the Green Ranger (who many regard as the most iconic Ranger ever) half way through the first season. Prior to joining the team of heroes, the Green Ranger was evil—created by Rita Repulsa who used a secret sixth power coin (the source of the Power Rangers power) and tasked with destroying Zordon and his team.

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So when the new film was announced last year, fans got excited at the thought of seeing the Green Ranger once again. However they were left disappointed when it was revealed the movie was going ahead with only the original five members.

There could be a reason why the Green Ranger isn’t part of the team….


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