The Harley Quinn Show 02X06 “All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues” (Review)

Harley Quinn’s Origins Never Get Old

We knew this show would eventually tackle the origins of Harley Quinn, it was only a matter of when. Now some viewers might say “I’ve seen this story told already” and yes, that is honestly the case here. But there’s a reason why the “Mad Love” storyline is so iconic. It’s because you could tell this story from 20 different angles and it would still be just as effective. “Harley Quinn” tells the story while injecting the shows well-timed humor but never losing sight of the bigger picture. That picture being the key relationships that unknowingly blossomed and took root that day. That is the silver lining to an otherwise heartbreaking origin.

The Joker/Harley/Ivy Love Triangle

Everybody knows how the Joker/Harley relationship started but what people forget is that the seeds were also planted for the deep and meaningful relationship between Harley and Poison Ivy. Harley goes out of here way to show Ivy compassion, something that no man had shown Ivy before; hence why she despises almost all men. It’s effective, it’s sweet and you really root for these characters to find true happiness.

Yeah, yeah we know that freaking Kite Man has proposed to Ivy and they are supposed to be married soon. But lets be honest here, who in the world is rooting for Kite Man and Ivy? Credit the writers for knowing that the audience wants Ivy and Harley to end up together, but they are keeping it interesting by not showing us any hints to the end result. We don’t know where this storyline will go. Will Ivy marry Kite Man? Or will she end up with Harley Quinn?

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The suspense is killing us.

“Two-Face” Needs Your Vote!

Outisde of Joker and Ivy, Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face also played a key part in Harley’s origin. Dent is responsible for getting Dr. Harleen Quinzel exclusive alone time with the Joker; a move that would forever alter the lives of everyone in Arkham during that time. But in typical “Harley Quinn Show” fashion, the story takes a hilarious spin for each character. No different with Harvey Dent and this is where the hilarious humor is injected while never compromising the story.

One of the things this show does consistently well is the well timed running gags. With Harvey, he constantly needs to remind us that the polls are opening soon and he needs your vote! Each joke is so hilariously timed and so out of place that you just want to tell him “dang-it Harvey stay on subject!” Why this works so well is that politicians usually only look out for themselves, not for the well being of the general public. Nope, all that matters to Harvey Dent is your vote and it’s comedic gold every single time.

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Final Verdict

“Daddy Issues” is yet another fantastic episode to an already fantastic show. Revisiting the origins of Dr. Harleen Quinzel is something we have seen a dozen times over, but it never isn’t interesting. There’s a reason Harley Quinn has as many fans as she does. It’s not just because of her costumes and personality, it’s because of her backstory. A backstory that anyone can relate to. It’s tough, it’s tragic but it also leaves audiences with a hint of hope for Harley to find true happiness. “The Harley Quinn Show” is quickly becoming not just the best piece of DC entertainment at the moment, but is on the fast track to be one of the greatest animated shows of all time.

Grade: A

Harley Quinn 02X06



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