‘The Last of Us’ Artist Tackles Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien 5’ With Fan Art

Feb 26, 2016


There is a piece of artwork that showed-up on Twitter and IMDB, that people were claiming to be official concept artwork from Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5.

It purposed the idea, “what if the company really got ahold of the xenomorphs and actually was able to tame/weaponize them for warfare”. Something already teased in released production artwork shared by writer-director Neill Blomkamp on his social media accounts.

However, with a little digging I learned that it’s actually fan art from a professional/freelance conceptual artist named Marek Okon. The Polish artist originally posted the piece of artwork on his Art Station account and included this blurb about the art he created titled “Under Control”.

Ever since I heard Neill Blomkamp is gonna make new Alien movie I felt all the juices flowing ;] I had this idea rattling in my head that I just had to draw - what if military actually succeed in controlling Aliens… or so they thought.

“Aliens” is one of the best movie ever in my book and I would totally love to work on new one so if you have direct contact with Neill please let him know about me ;]

On technical side I mostly used workflow from my “Illustration Unchained” series, plus some new experimental stuff that probably will end up in “UI:2”. Rough 3d base model was made for APC, characters posed in DAZ, aliens are based on photoshoot I did to my lovely alien figure.


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marek-okon-under-control-1920-1 marek-okon-under-control-zoom-02 marek-okon-under-control-zoom-01-1

It’s not really from the film, but it does look impressive enough to fool many people. The piece has a very Blomkamp feel to design-work, which again might be a reason why some that it was legit.

If I were Neill I’d give this dude a call.

Okon has worked on big projects before, creating key art for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us and Uncharted 3. Other games he’s worked on include Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lost Planet 3, and Crysis 2. 

Here are some examples of his work from The Last of Us.


redhead_web doublefeature01

Alien 5 is currently on hold while Ridley Scott films Alien: Covenant, it’s expected that pre-production could resume sometime in the near future.


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