The Leaders of the Free World #2 (Review)

May 19, 2020

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The Leaders of the Free World #2

Written by: Corey Pruitt
Art by: Elijah Isaiah Johnson
Letters by: Toben Racicot
Flats by: Aaron Haye Johnson

As the invasion begins, the eclectic group of would be heroes must band together to stop it and that means trusting a dangerous enemy.

In the middle of a hostage crisis with lives on the line, Mendoza must jump into action to save a group of patients. With the terrorists subdued, the doctor will discover that Doctor Séance is behind the whole thing and he needed to get her attention to recruit her.

At the same time, a group of heroes finds themselves in the thick of it as Séance arrives just in time to help them push back the invaders. As they tap into their strengths to take the fight to the invaders, Séance helps them, but with his own agenda in mind.

The second issue of Leaders of the Free World is an interesting and entertaining read. The characters have a certain charm and the story has some fun moments throughout. Its sensibilities can often be engaging and there is a good pace to the action that keeps the reader invested. While the story and dialogue can be interesting, the musical references happen way too often, take away from the story and can be more distracting than intended. They take away from learning about these characters and caring about the stakes by constantly changing the story’s tone.

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The art is fantastic. I loved the fluid style of the characters. There are visual moments throughout that remind me of Aeon Flux in how characters stand and move throughout the panel. A visually dynamic issue.

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