The League Continues to Unite Ahead of Tomorrow’s Justice League Trailer (Updated)

Yesterday we got multiple mini teasers ahead of the announced Saturday trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Today we got one more with another (possibly two) coming today. 

The first new teaser released by Warner Btohers shows Diana in action and we get a glimpse of the scale of some of the set pieces including a look at the drop ship that our heroes will be traveling in. There also seems to be a hint of what Diana has been doing for since her adventures in World War I.

While we are still waiting on teasers for Cyborg and (possibly?) Superman, we continue to wait for the actual trailer to be released tomorrow and we will be ready to have it served to you fresh and piping hot.

Wonder Woman can next be seen in her big screen solo adventure June 2, 2017.

Justice League comes to theaters November 2017.

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We get our first good look at Ray Fisher as Cyborg in his own teaser trailer ahead of tomorrow’s trailer premiere.

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