The Lovable Homegrown Hero Endures in “Huck #2” (Review)

Dec 18, 2015


Huck02-Cvr-e010f-813f8Huck #2
Image Comics

Written by: Mark Millar
Art by: Rafael Albuquerque
Color by: Dave McCaig

Last month I reviewed Huck #1 giving it high praise, this month the praise will continue. In issue two we are introduced to another powered person and the town comes to protect Huck from the media camped outside his house. People from all over have come as well, hoping Huck will help find their missing relatives or pets. Promising to do so, he sets off, giving the media a good look at his powers. The issue ends with Huck finding a lost husband and a dramatic change to what I thought this series was going to be about. This summary won’t do the comic justice, so really do yourself a favor and check it out.Huck-02-11-15f37

In my review of issue 1 I gave high praise to a new series by Mark Millar with art from Rafael Albuquerque, but I will admit that I was a little nervous going into issue two. Maybe it was a fluke, or maybe Millar is going to take the series in a crazy direction. These thoughts were quelled after the first few pages, again Millar delivered a lovable character and clean overall story. His characters have a realness to them that makes them believable people. A great example is the towns immediate reaction to the medias presence and their desire to keep Huck safe. Albuquerque’s art is excellent giving the reader exactly what they need to see without cluttering the page. The little facial expressions he applies to Huck especially give the character great personality. Dave McCraig the colorist is excellent as well. His use of warm and cold coloring helps with the general feeling of the book. His ability to do so is a huge selling point on the comic so far. It drives home an innocence and sincerity I feel in the characters that could be easily overlooked. The series is lucky to have such a strong creative team behind it.

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I said a lot of what I needed to in my first review about why this book is a beacon light in a somewhat darker comics world. I also mentioned why this series is a fresh breath of air and why I love it already. So I’ll try to keep this short, issue 2 of Huck did not disappoint. Millar created a character that I wouldn’t be afraid to show to a younger audience. A character with learning disabilities that’s still a hero, and that alone is something kids can relate to. If I had this comic when I was a child it really would’ve made a difference as I struggled through elementary school to high school. I know that it can make a difference to kids who are still struggling today. This series is fantastic so far and it’s only two issues in, do yourself a favor check it out.

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