The New Coolest Gadgets of 2020

Jun 10, 2020

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A visit to several gadget dealers is what you need to know that there are tons of coolest gadgets in the world. From voice-activated faucets to personal assistant robots you can monitor your kids with, you won’t run out of devices to choose from.

With technology moving forwards at an alarming rate, people are now using the latest devices and gadgets for their day to day activities. Whether it’s coinflip sites like to play on skin betting games or tracking your health or  calorie intake on apps, these are all things you can now do, with ease!

These gadgets not only make life more exciting but they make it easier too. From a mini electric scooter to personal game content, your options are limitless. Take a look at some of the newest gadgets that are available for consumers in 2020:

1.      Segway-Ninebot T15 Electric Kick Scooter

You probably may have seen Segways. However, what about its scooter, the Segway-Ninebot Air T15 Electric Kick Scooter? The lightweight scooper weighs 22 pounds only. Thus, you can easily carry the bike when moving down or up a flight of stairs in your apartment.

This small scooper can clock 12.4 miles/hour and will come in handy for some quick errands or transporting yourself to work or for shopping.

2.      Misa Next Generation Social Family Robot

Misa Next Generation Social Family Robot is another cool gadget you probably have not seen in 2020. The multipurpose robot can play the role of a friend, teacher, personal assistant, and other roles.  Ask the robot any question of your choice and it will give you an apt response.

It can move around your home while interacting with it, thanks to its multiple sensors and four wheels. It can also entertain your kids or keep an eye on your properties.

3.      AiT Smart One App-Controlled Desk

If sitting all day pisses you and you are not comfortable with standing as well, you should consider adding Ait Smart One App-Controlled Desk to your gadgets collection. The desk isn’t only smart but it is also adjustable for convenience.

You can control it with a smartphone app and get some valuable information from it. It can prompt you to stand up and work after sitting for long. It also comes with some features such as air quality sensor, office-friendly exercise, an aromatherapy diffuser, and a host of others.

4.      Tempo Studio AI Home Gym

Tempo Studio AI Home Gym is a smart device that plays the role of a personal trainer. You can get multiple plates, two dumbbells, a recovery roller, a barbell, and other workout equipment from the gadget.

You can also access some on-demand and live workouts from the device via its six-foot mirror. It practically brings a fitness studio into your living room.

5.      ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief Device

The ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief Device is a great gadget for individuals who are familiar with the pains associated with chronic allergic rhinitis or seasonal allergies. Glide the device over your brow bone, cheek, and nose for just five minutes. For the next six hours, you will be relieved from pain, thanks to the gadget’s microcurrent technology. With the gadget, you can say no to nasal sprays and rinses.

6.      Elgato Stream Deck XL Live Content Creation Controller

While gaming is fun, creating your video game is more exciting. Elgato Stream Deck XL Live Content Creation Controller allows you to create your video games. It has a grid with 32 keys on its advanced stream controller. You can customize the keys to create your game from the comfort of your home.

7.      HiMo Folding E-Bike

The Himo Folding E-Bike is easy to move around. Its 7,500 mAh battery can power it for 30 kilometers. When moving, simply fold the gadget and move it along. You can use it to transport yourself to work or run small errands.

8.      Samsung Portable Slim Double Induction 2-Burner Stove

The Samsung Portable Slim Double Induction 2-Burner Stove is a big stove with extra two burners. You can grill, sauté, or boil any food item through its nine cooking settings. This Samsung product is a piece of great cooking equipment for any kitchen.

9.      Poseidon Smart Mirror

Another cool gadget this year is the Poseidon Smart Mirror. The multipurpose mirror can perform several functions such as water usage monitoring, testing your vision, evaluating your skin, and others. More so, it is smaller than traditional mirrors and more efficient.

10.  Pollen Robotics Reachy Open-Source Interactive Robot

If you have been dreaming of a time when robots would assist with our daily tasks; that time is here. This gadget can assist with food service, offer customer service, demonstrate tasks, and help with R & D. You can also play tic-tac-toe on this expensive gadget.

11.  Delta Trinsic Voice-Activated Faucet

Rather than go through the stress of cleaning your faucet again when you touch it with dirty hands, you can control it remotely via voice command. That’s what the Delta Trinsic Voice-Activated Faucet is designed for. With your Google or Amazon Alexa Assistant, you can operate your faucet remotely. With its detachable spout, you have yourself a convenient kitchen gadget.

12.  Eleeels X1T 360o Percussive Massage Gun

Sore muscles can be a real pain. With the Eleeels X1T percussive Massage Gun, massaging is a lot easier. With up to 3,200 strokes every minute, the massage machine can aid your recovery.

It is an excellent gadget for athletes or active individuals. It is a silent and efficient massage machine.

13.  Onewheel Pint Mini Electric Board

Onewheel Pint Mini Electric Board allows you to get around with ease. Lightweight and compact, it is an excellent device for running errands or going to the office. A single charge is enough for the device to run eight miles with a maximum speed of 16 MPH. it is foldable and easy to carry.

14.  LIFESABER Wilderness Survival Power Supply

The LIFESABER Wilderness Survival Power Supply comes with a built-in USB charger and a water purifier. It can serve as a portable generator to charge your phone for emergency calls.

You can illuminate your path with its flashlight. Rescuers can also use the illumination to locate you if you are ever in trouble.  This device is a good outdoor device.

15.  SmartHalo 2 Smart Biking Device

This device makes navigation easier without depending on your phone map. It also comes equipped with a front light and an anti-theft alarm. You can track your speed, distance, and other metrics with the smart biking device. 


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