‘The Predator’ Shoot Pushed To Mid-October; Will We See A Kid From ‘Stranger Things’ In It?

Jul 30, 2016


Our fellow nerdy friends over at AVP Galaxy have actually picked up on a couple of developing things concerning the production of Shane Black’s The Predator.

They’ve discovered via The Directors Guild of Canada website that the film’s production has been pushed from September to mid-October, along with it’s production codename being Ollie.

AVPG also was able to find this quote from co-writer Fred Dekker (Night of The Creeps, Monster Squad) from Facebook about their latest update on the script, while promoting the amazing Netflix series Stranger Things and how it might be influencing the film.

“Say what you will about “Stranger Things” being a pastiche of ’80s genre fiction and movies (Stephen King, E.T., ALIEN, “Twin Peaks,” POLTERGEIST, etc. Maybe even one or two things I did. The fact is, it stands on its own as a beautifully written and realized work of imaginative, emotional, absolutely top notch genre movie-making. Or as Shane Black and I said the other day while working on re-writes for THE PREDATOR, “What would the Duffer Brothers do?” My highest recommendation.”

Could Dekker be hinting that Shane might be reverting to his trend of hiring a young actor for The Predator?


We know that Shane Black is quite partial with having kid supporting leads with examples like The Nice Guys (another R-rated movie), The Last Action Hero and Iron Man 3 all placing young actors in major roles. Dekker co-wrote (with Shane Black) and directed Monster Squad and is referencing Stranger Things, is it possible we might seeing one of the young cast members join The Predator?

I’d personally love to see Millie Brown (Eleven) or Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) land a role in the film.

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Also, keep in mind in Predator 2 the main man refrained from killing a kid with a toy gun. It’s possible they might have code that restricts them from killing/hunting kids, making a young character possibly more viable in surviving an encounter.

The Predator is set for release on February 9th, 2018.


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