The Showdown We’ve Been Waiting For! Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1 (REVIEW)

Dec 20, 2016


Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #1
DC Comics

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Jason Fabok
Colors by: Alex Sinclair
Letters by: Rob Leigh

The first issue of this six issue series starts with a bang, in fact, quite a few. A mystery figure has infiltrated The Catacombs, the most top secret prison in the world. This new threat succeeds in releasing a group of prisoners who have been deemed to not belong in this world. Meanwhile, Rick Flag is not happy that Amanda Waller has sent in the Suicide Squad with new recruit Killer Frost, to retrieve a super weapon in the hands of a cult leader. The Squad ends this threat, but their existence has caught the attention of the Dark Knight Detective himself.

Batman convenes a meeting of the Justice League and gives them everything he knows about Waller and the Suicide Squad. With this information in hand, the League decides to confront the Squad and it, predictably, does not go well. The splash page is gorgeous to look at and both sides give as good as they take. The story is tight and moves in a natural progression. No moment seems forced and Joshua Williamson has written a introduction that grabs you from the first page and holds you till a reveal that will make you gasp in excitement as you eagerly anticipate the next part of this tale.

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The artwork is amazing. Jason Fabok has a gift for making every character dynamic both in individual panels and group shots. You see the power and majesty of these characters. Fabok’s action scenes are kinetic, giving a sense of motion that helps to move the eye. This is a great first issue that sets up a story that I have to see continue.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1 is a fantastic first issue that delivers both on story and action with a final page reveal that will have the DC Comics faithful excited. The artwork is amazing in its detail and the story makes you excited for more. Pick this issue up and you will not be disappointed.

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