The Supper: Is It The Next Big Title For Indie Games?

Mar 20, 2020


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As indie games have grown in popularity, developers have had to do more to stand out. With new storylines and developing characters, several indie games have entered the market and become highly popular, none quite like The Supper. In this article, we will be looking into The Supper and why it has become so popular in recent months.

Instant Success Upon Release

Despite only being released on the 28th of Jan, this game has seen unprecedented success. It has made it to the top of the free to play stream list and is by far one of the most popular game to play for those that are a fan of Cartoon Gore. Whether you are new to playing the game or you have played it for a while, we are sure that many more people will begin to fall in love with this brand-new game.

What Does The Game Involve?

When you begin in the game, you are playing the role of the killer. You are an old lady on crutches who runs a tavern that is famous for its special sauce. Though the game is brief, you are in control of serving up three different dishes to three guests that have chosen to dine at your local tavern. First, you have to find the ingredients for your dishes and then prepare them. As the same with every meal, the special sauce is the star of the show. In order to do this, you have to complete several puzzles and work through the story. This story runs for a total of 20 mins and is one of the best games for you to pass the time. Especially if you are a fan of horror games that leave room for your imagination.

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Where Can You Play It?


This game is available to play free of charge on Steam and is one of many popular free to play titles for those playing games online at this time. This comes as no surprise to many as free to play games on PC continue to grow in popularity. In addition, this comes as no surprise following the success of other games such as Undertale and other animated games become highly popular online.

What Makes It Different From Other Indie Games

When looking at horror games, there are very few that can find the perfect balance and leave scenes open to the imagination. This is what Indie game The Supper does perfectly. With each character containing their own personalities and characteristics as well as eating habits, there is plenty that is left to the imagination over time. With an ending that is the perfect combination of satisfying and sad, that many fans of the game find ideal. However, with many conflicted by the game and the running time, this should not be something that puts you off playing the game.

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Despite its short running time, this game is the perfect masterpiece of an indie game that has come straight from Octavis own head and onto the screen. This dark, twisted game is perfect for those looking for something new on the indie market. At this current moment in time, there is nothing quite like it. This has also been backed up by numerous reviews that have led to the growing number of people playing this game.

Whether you have played the game before, or you are considering giving it a go for the first time, we are sure that you will enjoy the dark and twisted story, regardless of the length. Will you be playing it in 2020?

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