The Unkindness of Ravens # 5 (REVIEW)

Jan 27, 2021


Mad Cave Studios


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No one wants to be the “backup plan”; it doesn’t matter if it’s the prom or the job promotion. There is no denying the bitter realization that some portion of your life was a consolation prize. In Issue # 5 of Unkindness of Ravens, Wilma must accept this bitter truth while being expected to embrace a destiny not intended for her.

The Unkindness of Ravens # 5

Boom Studios

Written by: Dan Panosian
Illustrated by: Marianna Ignazzi
Colored by: Fabiana Mascolo
Lettered by: Mike Fiorentino

As plans go, the process by which the Ravens attempt to help Wilma accept their offer isn’t the smoothest. When Wilma meets with the Ravens in the principal’s office, it seems more like an intervention than an intercession. The Ravens have done little to endear themselves to Wilma or this reader. My main complaint at this point is the lack of individual personalities. Seemingly acting as a collective, I have found myself often having reservations about their intentions. There is no wonder Wilma is skeptical.

Unkindness of Ravens Int

Further along, a much harsher conversation takes place. Mrs. Gold, mother of both Wilma and Waverly, seems like the type of mom who always ripped off the Band-aid. She is matter of fact in her delivery of the situation and circumstances. I felt for both sisters during Mrs. Gold’s delivery of much needed truths. It’s hard to tell which sister had their life altered more by this war.

While Wilma proves herself to be capable of filling in for her sister, this issue was far from a win for the Ravens. The claim is made that the Survivors are the manipulators in town, but only one party has been proven to go to such extreme measures for their objectives.

This issue feels like a scenario from the NFL playoffs or the upcoming Super Bowl. Wilma finds herself called up from the practice squad. Is she ready for the game of her life because – it already cost her sister hers?

Score: 8.7