The Waylanders: Choose Your Character Revealed

“All great adventures begin with a single step… into the character creator.”

“The Waylanders” is set to release this year, and new videos have emerged of gameplay, and, more importantly, all the ways you can customize your character (and what characters are in this world based on Celtic Mythology).

You can choose from six base classes: Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Ranger, Sorcerer, and Healer. You can also choose from different races: Human, Mourian, Half-Formorian, and Werewolf; as well as choosing your character’s background: Celtic Soldier, Celtic Druid, Egyptian, Mourian Diplomat, Mourian Protector, Dogs of Ares Mercenary, Alpha Wolf and Slave. There are various origins, and a variety of specializations you can add and collect through the game to make your character truly unique (and adds to replayability, as you can continuously try out different combinations of characters).

So many character options!

In this RPG, you travel through Celtic and Medieval lands, following a storyline where your choices affect what happens next. However, the biggest choice you have to face is… what will your character be?

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