There’s Nowhere To Hide In The Future “Wynter #4” Review

Jan 16, 2015

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Wynter-4-Cover-db5ebWynter #4 ( New Worlds Comics )

Written by : Guy Hasson
Art by: Aron Elekes and Vincent Kings

My favorite independent comic of the year is back and starting off with a bang in 2015. Yes Liz Wynter is back and ready to take my brain on another crazy mind blowing journey. The problem is if Liz is back so is Supreme Agent Alex Grace who has the extremely easy job (or so he thought) of tracking her down. He is the top agent in the Galactic Government and is a ruthless go-getter who always finds who or what he is hunting. After losing Liz in the last incredible issue we find Agent Grace waiting for something to come down the information highway to pinpoint where Liz is hiding out. See in this future everything you do even as small as a frown on your face is registered and sent out on the web. So the odds of Agent Grace finding Liz again are in his favor. Liz is hiding out at Josh’s house where she feels extremely safe and warm. She is so comfortable that Liz can actually enjoy a nice hot shower and to finally catch up on some long needed sleep. That is until Josh and his perverted mind decide to post a Wynter4-Page-01-c3f61picture of Liz’s breasts on the web. Well with that drastic mistake made by Josh, Agent Grace knows exactly where to find the escaped artist. From here we get a great cat and mouse chase with another suburb cliffhanger that will make you mindless shuffle about your house until the next issue comes out.

Aron Elekes once again just has an excellent art form that brings the future to life. He makes it dark and enticing forcing you to really look at the images. You will find yourself looking at the backgrounds and characters a lot and saying “Wow”. Vincent Kings took over the art on page sixteen and you will not even notice that the difference. Looks like Guy Hasson found another great artist to takeover and show us the future in only a way Guy can. Mr. Hasson has a great vivid imagination and a unique way of telling a futuristic story like Ridley Scott or George Lucas. If this sounds interesting and you have not started reading this comic. Please head on over to Twitter and follow @NewWorldsComics New Twitter followers can receive the first issue for FREE!! Then you can be hooked too. Mr. Hasson please don’t keep me waiting for issue number five. As Johnny Five says from the movie Short Circuit ” I need more input”.

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