This Chris Pine GREEN LANTERN Rumor Just Won’t Die

Mar 10, 2015


Yesterday, we kind of got burned on a “hot rumor” El Mayimbe was circling via his Instagram account concerning British actor Sam Strike. It looks like he’s got another one today and we’re going to be even more cautious from now on. Basically, a lot of these trade journalists and bloggers are washing their hands of these types of rumors they help hype-up, stating if it’s not on the website it’s not legit.

Even though they use these rumors help to them get hits, follows, views or increase their awareness on social media platforms and podcasts.

So new rule, unless it’s on their website we’re calling it a “maybe rumor”. No matter how “hot” they claim it is.

With that over with, the folks over at Latino Review keep hearing the old rumor that Chris Pine is still wanted for the Hal Jordan role in the DCCU. Yes, you heard me right Hal Jordan. This rumor has been circling for ages and Pine was wanted for the role even before Ryan Reynolds was cast.

You might remember that Pine had been in the mix at Marvel for the Captain America role as well.

We’ve been hearing for months including from Forbes’ Mark Hughes that John Stewart will likely be our next Green Lantern. Our hopefuls for the role of Stewart include Idris Elba, David Oyelowo, and Nate Parker.

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Elba revealing his desire for a superhero lead for years and even tried to convince Marvel Studios to give him another MCU role talking with them about heroes like Blade, Luke Cage and Black Panther. His future with Marvel might be a bit mirky since he’s credited for Avengers: Age of Ultron on it’s poster which could mean his three-picture contract could be up. Allowing him other superhero avenues to pursue post-Thor, that’s if he’s not apart of Ragnarok.

For some reason Marvel fans want him stuck in the Thor franchise and I think it’s sad a fan-favorite to play Bond can’t even be allowed a superhero lead role. Idris has also teased an interested in playing Lantern which few high-profile actors have done.

I’m not saying it has to be Elba but if was a choice between him an Chris Pine, Pine loses every time.

My biggest hesitation, is that Pine has a terrible track record concerning leading man roles. I exclude Star Trek because that’s a team-based film where Chris is sharing a bulk of the screen time with people like Zachary Quinto’s Spock. I think his role as Captain Kirk has sort of blinded people to his other disappointing work.

Jack Ryan, This Means War, Unstoppable, StretchHorrible Bosses 2 and People Like Us are some of his non-Trek projects and they’ve turned-out to be horrible box office messes for the actor. Pine has essentially killed the Jack Ryan franchise before it even got a chance to, not sure giving him another reboot is such a good idea.

Granted, there is some incredible buzz for his upcoming release Z for Zachariah co-starring Suicide Squad‘s Margot Robbie and Chiwetel Ejiofor (currently eyed for a role in Doctor Strange). I do think there’s some talent there I’m just not sure about him leading a solo franchise of this scale on his own.

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Then again, if we’re talking about box office duds Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa has his fair-share as well with Bullet To The Head and Conan The Barbarian. Affleck is no different and only recently through his directing films like Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo helped the actor pull himself out of acting-jail from piece-of-shit movies like Gili and .

Most of the roster of actors in main roles are as iffy as they get, so hiring Chris Pine wouldn’t be too shocking.

If the solo films featured a group of Earthling Lanterns like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Renner, and Jessica Cruz I could see this working-out for Pine. One of my biggest issues is that the last film forgot to focus on character development/relationships and these are some very cool comic book characters in the Lantern Corps., we just didn’t get a chance to see this properly explored.

There’s been some chatter that Green Lantern will be apart of Justice League which could explain the current rumblings that casting is underway at Warner Bros. for the role. League has a release date of November 2017 while the next solo Lantern film won’t be out until June 2020.

Other rumors in the past have suggested that Green Lantern could team-up with The Flash in March 2018 for his film as well.

Remember this just a “maybe rumor” at this point, I’m very cautious and as someone who is rooting for this reboot I hope it’s not true.

Who should play Green Lantern and which character would you pick for Justice League?


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