Those Who Trespass Against Us

Jan 25, 2023


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Sins of Sinister # 1 Cvr

For anyone who suggests there is only one way to keep a secret, Sins of Sinister #1 proves there is another strategy. For over two years Mister Sinister has coiled his way through Krakoa. Not only as a member of the Quiet Council but also interfering assisting other teams such as Fallen Angels and Hellions. Now as each piece of what amounts to a lifetime (or actually many lifetime’s) worth of manipulations falls perfectly into place Sinister sheds all pretenses, revealing his purpose for accepting the invitation to Krakoa. However Sinister was no snake entering Paradise, he should always have been seen as a scorpion.

Sins of Sinister # 1
Part 1: Everything is Sinister

Marvel Comics

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Lucas Werneck
Special Guest Artists: Geoffrey Shaw, Marco Checchetto, Juan Jose Ryp, David Baldeon, Travel Foreman, Carlos Gomez, Federico Vincentini, David Lopez, Joshua Cassara, Stafano Caselli
Color Artist: Bryan Valenza
Letter: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Design: Jay Bowen

Sins of Sinister #1 gives readers the first glimpse into this new “reality” at a point +10 years from the present. As a group of eggs hatch simultaneously readers will immediately notice the modifications to the Resurrection protocols. The scene doesn’t showcase the 5 at all, hinting they are no longer needed for the process. Also, all the mutants that hatch look like Cyclops, even showcasing his power. Clearly cloning is no longer a violation of the Resurrection protocols.

If the devil is in the details, you shouldn’t overlook the first lines Kieron Gillen has Sinister speak.

Sins of Sinister #1 Int.

“To me, my me’s”

Given all his other affronts, is it any surprise that blasphemy wouldn’t bother Essex. Of course given what Sinister was able to accomplish it isn’t surprising he has a bit of a god complex.

A flashback takes readers to the final pages of Immortal X-Men #10. However, it is now that readers first see how deeply Sinister has sown his roots. It is not only Xavier but several other Quiet Council members who now sport the Red Diamond. With a season under his control, even trapped in the Pit, Sinister can still advance his plan. Ever the rule breaker, Essex’s first perversion is to Krakoa Rule # 3. Copying a scheme similar to another pale skinned maniac, the world unknowingly greets the X-Gene as another offer from the angelic Xavier. Now, a devil in disguise.

It’s a sin to sell oneself short, so don’t compare Sins of Sinister to any “Ages” you’ve seen before. Unlike those story lines there is no clear “What If” moment. This isn’t Legion killing Xavier – there was no one avoidable moment. Instead as Immortal X-Men #10 indicates it was an “If Only”, and now readers realize it really wasn’t just one. So even though Sins of Sinister has some similarities to previous X-Men reality warps there is one major difference – a lifetime of trial and error. It is like Sinister is playing god but using the scientific method. Days Present Predicate Future.

A necessity of any major comic event or crossover is inclusion of other characters. Sins of Sinister #1 features a stellar lineup of artists to cover all corners of the Marvel Universe. This issue touches on the ramifications of Sinister’s actions over the course of the first 10 years. While most of the issue centers on Sinister pulling strings behind the scenes on the Council, actions on Krakoa reverberate across the cosmos. The artistic lineup does a tremendous job of capturing movie length story moments in a single image. Readers get an opportunity to witness several diabolical movements, such as rematch with the Eternals and Doom’s fate, each designed to eliminate any potential future threat.

Though Hope is compromised already, Sins of Sinister # 1 shows it’s not totally gone for the universe. There is still a soul in the Sol system, even as Sinister (and Exodus) seek to snuff it out. Speaking of exodus, two other Quiet Council members are also free from control, having already grown worried and wary of Krakoa’s ways. But with most major dimensions (dieties) and magic removed from play all of Sinister’s problems seem solved.

This is the part where Nathaniel’s supposed to Gloat. However, maybe it’s a bit early for that. There are plenty of opportunities for Sinister to self sabotage – also a sin.

Score: 9.7