Three Jokers #1 (Review)

Aug 25, 2020


Three Jokers #1
DC Comics

Words by Geoff John
Art by Jason Fabok
Color by Brad Anderson
Letters by Rob Leigh

After years of speculation, many questioned if this story was ever going to be released. To our shock, it was, and it is amazing. This was teased in the Darksied War, when Batman sat on the Mobius Chair and asked who the Joker was, and was told there are three of them. We have been waiting 4 years for this answer. 

The story starts off without holding anything back and makes it known that there are three Jokers causing mayhem throughout Gotham at the same time. Batman, Red Hood and Batgirl start looking into why this is happening and what the Joker is truly up to. More of the Jokers is revealed and we find out one of the oldest or newest secrets to who the Joker truly is. 

Johns shows how detailed he wanted to go with the Joker/Batman History. He doesn’t shy away from reminding the readers the most horrific periods in the characters’ lives and how he was responsible for them. The story he gives us in the first issue lays a wonderful foundation that was carefully curated to allow it to fit seamlessly into the Batman mythos. 

Fabok’s art is amazing in this issue. Like with Johns, you can see the details and time taken to make everything look amazing. One of the standout features is how the three Jokers look the alike but are very different at the same time. The little differences are not noticed straight away but after analyzing each Joker you can see those details clear as day. Using the iconic looks from Killing Joker and the Red Hood story line makes it feel he drew them and not Brian Bolland and Doug Mahnke. 

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With Three Jokers nailing it out of the gate, you can appreciate the time and effort Johns and Fabok took to create this story. The details in this issue is the standout feature. Rereading it is highly recommended as you will miss small details, not in the story but the history of the Batman/Joker conflict. The wait to finally get this series makes it all worth it. 

Score: 10.0

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